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The winner has now been leaked, and all the other gossip from The Challenge in one spot.

The Challenge Australia is only two weeks in, and it's all any reality-TV enthusiast is talking about.

It's a show that brings together all the iconic reality TV stars – making them compete against one another in a series of physical challenges to avoid elimination and win a $200,000 cash prize at the end. Plus, they all live together in a house too – meaning maximum drama.

It's almost like a fun mash-up between Ninja Warrior, Survivor and Big Brother (which we love) and it's based on the long-standing MTV series in the US and UK. 

The show was filmed in Buenos Aires and began airing on November 14.

Watch the trailer for The Challenge Australia. Post continues below.

Video via Network 10.

As for who is currently still competing in The Challenge Australia, here is the pretty large cast list:

Brittany Hockley, Brooke Blurton, Cyrell Paule, Ryan Gallagher, Ciarran Stott, Brooke Jowett, Emily Seebohm, David Subritzky, Konrad Bien-Stephen, Jessica Brody, Troy Cullen, Sugar Neekz Johnson, Marley Biyendolo, Megan Marx, Kiki Morris, Conor Curran, Johnny Eastoe and Grant Crapp.


Over the last two weeks, we've seen eight contestants walk away already: Billy Dib, Suzan Mutesi, Jack Vidgen, Audrey Kanongara, David Subritzky, Jessica Brody, Johnny Eastoe and Cyrell Paule.

So without further ado, here's all the drama so far.

Jessica Brody says she's "disappointed" in Ciarran Stott following the breakdown of their friendship. 

While Jessica might have held some resentment towards Ciarran for the way he treated her on the Bachelor In Paradisethe reality star revealed they had patched things up while on The Challenge. 

"When Ciarran had the shower with Audrey [Kanongora], there was a total shift in the house dynamic and he was very sad, so I sat with him," she shared with Yahoo. "I taught him how to meditate and we talked about sobriety and we talked about journalling and I kind of sat with him and consoled him a lot of the time."

Jessica and Ciarran on Bachelor In Paradise. Image: Ten.


But following her elimination in week two, she admitted their friendship quickly fizzled out. 

"I know he suspects that when I was eliminated I went and told his girlfriend Ruby what happened in the house, which is not true. I would never do that," she said. 

"And then on top of that there was a situation before we started filming where somebody said to me, 'How do you feel about seeing Ciarran?' and I said in jest, 'Look if I have to befriend him and then screw him over, I will'. And somebody passed that on to Ciarran. Fair enough I said it, but I think he's taken that and run with it."

Konrad Bień-Stephen and Jessica Brody are now living together. 

Since filming wrapped up, Jessica told Yahoo that she has actually found a new roommate... Konrad. 

But she made it clear that the pair are completely platonic. 

"We didn’t really get along in the house but we've become really good friends since filming," she shared. 

Jessica was once close friends with Konrad's former partner, Abbie Chatfield, but said there is no drama between them. 

Jessica and Konrad on The Challenge. Image: Ten.


"That friendship is still there, I still have a lot of love for Abbie, but we’re just not as close as we used to be," she said. "We just sort of drifted apart when she got together with Konrad, which was about a year ago."

Jessica went on to explain Konrad "helped" her out in a time of need. 

"The only reason I'm living with Konrad is because my living situation just got a bit tricky, and he has really, really helped me out," she said. "He's been a really amazing friend. He goes on dates and stuff and I gas him up and tell him he looks great. It’s a completely platonic relationship and there's absolutely nothing romantic there."


The winner for The Challenge has already been leaked.

We are barely even two weeks into the reality show and already, a sneaky source has leaked who the supposed winner of The Challenge is.

An insider told the Daily Mail Australia that it won't be an individual who wins in the end, but instead a pair. 

And that pair is apparently none other than Kiki Morris from The Bachelor and Troy Cullen who was an Australian Ninja Warrior finalist. According to the report, the duo take home $100,000 in prize money.

Kiki and Troy on The Challenge. Image: Ten.


"The Challenge cast members have been sworn to secrecy, but everyone is so proud of Kiki," the source said. 

"Kiki went on the show to prove she’s not just a pretty face, and she did it."

Jack Vidgen was forced to disclose a health diagnosis following unkind comments from viewers. 

Following Jack Vidgen's time on The Challenge, the singer and reality star took to Instagram to address those saying "nasty things" about his fingers twitching.

He called out the haters and then revealed he was diagnosed with Tourette’s at seven years old. Jack went on to clarify the disorder affects his hand, speech and facial movements.

While his condition is not as severe as it once was, the reality star says his fingers will twitch when he is in situations that make him nervous.


Billy Dib calls Cyrell Paule a "clout chaser".

Following boxer Billy Dib's quick exit from The Challenge, he sat down for an interview with So Dramatic! where he shared his opinion on Cyrell Paule's feuds with other contestants. 

"That’s the thing about Cyrell… Anytime that the cameras would be on, you could see who the clout chasers were. And Cyrell was definitely a clout chaser," he told the podcast.

The athlete went on to say that while Cyrell was "crazy" on cameras, she'd often "cry" about the hate she received.

"The cameras are on, and she’d be all crazy, but in private, she’d cry and talk about how people would pay her out," he claimed.

"She’d be down people’s throats and trying to put them down. I was like, 'I was just being supportive towards you; what the hell is wrong with you?'"

Cyrell allegedly called Billy Dib a "has-been".

Adding to their feud (which wasn't shown during Billy's time on The Challenge), the boxer told So Dramatic the MAFS star's words often left him taken aback.


Billy claimed Cyrell called him a "has-been".

"When Emily and Ryan were trying to work out who they’re going to put in for the elimination round, I was pleading my case, and she was like, 'What, are you scared?'" he recalled.

"I said, 'I’m not scared of anything. Look, I’m a former two-time boxing world champion'. And she goes, 'You’re a has-been'."

Billy, who is battling an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, has one message for Cyrell looking back.

"Cyrell, you’re famous for being on a TV show where you married some guy that you didn’t even know. Like, why are you putting people down?" he said.

"I’ve achieved real things in my life. How dare you put me down."

Brittany Hockley says Ryan Gallagher was "constantly having a go" at her. 

Podcast star and former Bachelor contestant, Brittany Hockley, is currently covering for Jackie O Henderson on KIIS FM... and boy did she spill some tea. 

Brittany, who is also competing on The Challenge told her co-host Kyle Sandilands that her fellow competitor Ryan Gallagher was someone she "constantly" clashed with. 

She called the former MAFS husband "rude" and alleged he often threw insults at her while they competed together. 

"I want to start by saying it’s very hard to upset me or make me dislike you," she began when asked who her least favourite contestant is.


"I’m a lover, but there’s one person that was just so rude to me. I don’t know if they’ll even play it [on the show]."

"It was Ryan from MAFS," she went on to admit. "He was constantly having a go at me, calling me an idiot, calling me a drunk – I didn’t even drink. You could ask any member of the show, he just wasn’t nice to me."

Ryan later called the radio station and after initially declining the call, Brittany answered. 

To address the drama, he said: "You’ll have to wait and see, she shouldn’t be giving stuff away from the show."

Listen to Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne on No Filter, with Mia Freedman. Post continues after audio.

Konrad Bień-Stephen comes out as pansexual.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraphthe reality star revealed he's found it difficult to navigate his sexuality. 

"I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I would probably say I was pansexual if I was going to say anything," he said.

"For me, all of my relationships have been with females. It is hard to say because I want to be respectful in saying it but I guess I haven’t met a guy yet that I have wanted to date or sleep with in a sense.

"It is only a new thing for me to think about and navigate. Within the building industry, it is an interesting territory to navigate."

Konrad Bień-Stephen clarifies his relationship timeline with Abbie Chatfield. 

Despite rumours that Konrad had cheated on his former partner, Abbie Chatfield, he's cleared the air in a new interview with The Daily Telegraph.


He's since confirmed he was not in a relationship at the time of his infamous hook-up with Megan Marx.

"Abbie and I had broken up a month before going in the house [to film] so I was very much single," he explained.

"I wasn’t going in there looking for love or for any type of relationship or anything, that wasn’t my mindset going in."

He went on to say that his kiss with Megan was a one-off.

Image: Ten.


"It is quite clear that Megan and I hook up from leaked footage and what has been spoken about already," he said.

"We still talk, we are still friends. No, we are not dating."

Konrad Bień-Stephen and Megan Marx's hook-up – which turns into a spicy love triangle. 

In the trailer, it showed that Bachelor alums, Megan Marx and Konrad Bień-Stephen, hooking up on The Challenge Australia moments before news came out that he had broken up with Abbie Chatfield

The hook-up went down in the accommodation hot tub, with the pair seen kissing and their co-stars watching on from the window above. 

"Ew, so now I can just never use the spa again!" Big Brother winner Marley Biyendolo was heard saying in the trailer.

A source said to Daily Mail Australia that Brooke Blurton also found her way into a "messy" love triangle between Megan and Konrad.  

"Megan and Brooke kissed in front of the cameras after she hooked up with [Konrad]," the source said. Apparently, the kiss "wasn't planned" but was witnessed by several contestants – and of course the camera crew as well. 

"It was really wild. It was like a messy love triangle. I don't know why Brooke did it... she knew that Megan hooked up with Konrad," said the source.

There are some epic rivalries – one of which almost led to a "punch on".

Apparently, Cyrell Paule (MAFS) and Grant Crapp (Love Island Australia) have a bit of drama.

"It started on the plane over," a source said about tension between the two. "Cyrell Paule was already beefing with Grant Crapp about a promise he'd made to her before filming."


We are now desperate to know what that promise was...

And to really bring it all home, Konrad Bień-Stephen and MAFS' Ryan Gallagher also clash, following a heated argument in the house aired in one of the trailers.

One of the epic rivalries was reportedly so heated that it almost led to a physical altercation. The source told So Dramatic! that pro boxer Sugar Neeks Johnson almost "punched" influencer Suzan Mutesi on the first night.

"Suzan said something offensive to Sugar, and she did not take it well," the So Dramatic! insider said. "She confronted Suzan about it and got really aggressive towards her and had to be held back. Everyone thought they were going to punch on."

But on the plus side, love has officially blossomed from the series.

It's not all chaos and drama on The Challenge Australia.

So Dramatic! first reported that Olympic swimmer Emily Seebohm and Ryan Gallagher are dating after meeting on the show. 

A mate of Emily's confirmed to the outlet that she and Ryan found love on the show and went travelling around America once filming had finished. Love is still alive folks!

Feature Image: Network 10.

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