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'Your number's blocked, hun.' MAFS' Dom announced she'll host a new show. Then the drama began.

The 2022 cast of Married At First Sight are back for one last hurrah before the new season begins, proving once more they can’t hide from the drama of their season.

While two halves of the cast have seemingly been at odds with each other for almost a year now, things have exploded once again this week with the announcement that Domenica Calarco will be hosting a new web series for MAFS, called Dom’s Debrief.

The show will see Domenica, who is arguably this season’s breakout star, calling her fellow cast members to catch up on all the gossip since the show ended.

After the official MAFS Instagram page announced the series, a number of former brides and grooms were quick to comment their disapproval.


What did they have to say?

While some of Dom’s friends from the cast, such as Ella Ding and Kate Laidlaw, shared their support, others were quick to express their anger.

“The number you have called has been disconnected, please check the number and try again,” commented Jackson Lonie, one of the grooms from the season, quashing any idea he might appear on Dom's Debrief.

“Your number is blocked hon oops,” wrote fellow bride Carolina Santos, going on to joke that chatting to Dom would be “like a dream of mine”.

“But producers don’t favour anyone, right?” added Olivia Frazer sarcastically. 

But it was reality TV royalty, Abbie Chatfield, who quickly swooped to Dom’s defence.

“The jealousy from ex contestants in these comments is so funny,” she wrote, essentially dropping a bomb into the middle of the fray.

Abbie Chatfield enters the chat.

Daniel Holmes, another groom from the season, responded to Abbie’s comment, saying “zip it, dork.”

He was only adding fuel to the growing fire, though, with Abbie going on to elaborate the point on her Instagram Stories, sharing further support for Domenica.

“Firstly, some man I couldn’t pick out in a lineup of two - even one - replied and was like ‘zip it dork’ … they were all getting very upset in the comments that I called [out] their jealousy,” Abbie said.


“I saw some comments saying that the whole cast hate Dom and there must be things we aren’t seeing and to that I say … no, there’s not. Obviously there are things we haven’t seen because we can’t see everything at all times,” she continued.

“It’s just very transparent [that] people from MAFS are just very jealous of Dom and the opportunities that she’s gotten,” she told her audience.

Daniel later touched on the comments in an Instagram Q&A, calling Abbie ‘washed up’.

“She’s just some chick who commented on a MAFS post that has nothing to do with her. She’s a washed-up chick from The Bachelor or something,” he went on, and if hosting a national radio show and a number of television shows is what you'd call 'washed up', then sure.

“And she came in guns blazing on a MAFS post that she has nothing to do with, and I was like, if you come at us, I am just going to throw heat back at you. It’s pretty simple.”

Abbie Chatfield came to Domenica's defence, but Daniel Holmes was caught in the crossfire. Image: Instagram/Nine. 


Carolina and Olivia respond.

Olivia Frazer and Carolina Santos also responded outside of the comment section, expressing annoyance with Abbie’s comments.

“You said we were all ‘jealous’ and ‘desperate for attention’, but if that was the case, don’t you think we would all have said yes and benefited from the extra 5-10 minutes of TV time?” Carolina posed.

“We all disliked Dom because she used to come for everybody, attack everybody and meddle with everybody’s business in a very aggressive attacking way all for exposure, all for TV time. And that’s exactly what I think you do, Abbie.

“That’s why you’re meddling in this situation that has nothing to do with you, and that’s why I think you two are a perfect match! Go be friends, besties, because you two are very alike.”

Olivia posted a video to her feed, explaining that she had nothing to do with Dom’s Debrief, despite a clip involving her being played in the trailer.

“When that many cast members aren’t up for a “light hearted” call, there’s obviously an issue they’re covering up,” she wrote in the video’s caption.


She also responded to Abbie’s comments on her Stories.

“Miss Chatfield … kindness is the answer. Stop being a p—-,” she said.

“Abbie has no idea what she’s talking about. She wasn’t a member on our show. She wasn’t behind the scenes. She has no idea what she’s talking about,” Olivia went on.

“I think uneducated people should probably stay in their lane.”

Jessica Seracino’s new claims.

Jessica Seracino, who had a short stint on the latest season, also aired her grievances with Domenica, saying on Instagram that she felt “verbally abused and bullied” by her on the show.


“I had no family or friends in Sydney and I would go back to my hotel and cry and vomit from how much stress my body was taking,” she said.

“While crying to the psychologist one night, this psycho girl yelled abuse at me,” she alleged. “Funny how people get off TV and forget how much goes on behind the scenes and the strength of a false narrative.”

Dom responded to the claims via a Tik Tok, claiming they left her ‘shaking with rage’. 

“This boils my f—ing blood to no avail because I would never do this,” Domenica said. “I would never scream at a person and abuse them when they’re crying and talking to the psychologist.

“This never happened, Jess,” she said.

“I don’t understand what you have against me … you don’t like me, I don’t like you, it’s fine. But this … just stop.”

“I never yelled abuse at you. Never.”


I've had enough of being branded a 'violent', 'abusive' person. I've had enough. I never screamed at you when you were having a breakdown. STOP

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Since the show ended, Dom has had great success in building up her media career. She currently co-hosts the podcast Sit With Us with Ella Ding, and has been rumoured to be appearing on next year's season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

None of the couples from the season are still together, but their ongoing feud seems to be the gift that won't stop giving. 

Feature Image: Instagram/Nine/Mamamia.

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