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Everything we know about Kristy and Brett, AKA the 'Red Team' from The Block.

It's time to dust off the hi-vis and head on over to your local hardware story 'cos The Block is back for another season of renovation magic.

Just last week Blockheads found out that the 19th season will dial back the clock, taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Yep, this new season will go all the way back to the 1950s, when textured fabric and geometrical shapes were all the rage. One thing's for sure, this season is guaranteed to be a real treat for the eyes!

This season five teams are taking over the Bayside suburb of Melbourne. In a battle of the building fittest, teams will push themselves to the limits in the hopes of scoring the highest bid.

Watch the trailer for MasterChef 2023. Story continues after post.

Video via Channel 10.

So in anticipation for the season premiere, let's introduce the team set to make waves in the hardware department.

Meet 'Red Team' Kristy and Brett from The Block:

Image: Channel Nine.

Kirsty, a 34-year-old project manager and her 34-year-old safety officer husband Brett hope that they'll come out on top on the fan-favourite reality.


This husband-wife duo will be competing as the 'Red Team' and are hoping that their organisational skills and understanding of how to operate difficult scenarios safely will translate throughout the competition.

Although much about the teams is still under wraps, we do know that this pair will be the only ones representing their state of South Australia. They are hoping their style will impress the judges and impress their friends and family watching on at home.

The Block will likely air in mid-August, so check back then for all the updates shortly.

Image: Channel Nine.   

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