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"It shouldn't work but it does." All the photos from The Block's kitchen reveal.

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This week on The Block, the five couples renovated their kitchens.

The five kitchens incorporated impressive standout features, making them all especially unique. 

But that didn't stop the copying allegations.

As the couples approached the room reveal, Daniel and Jade became concerned that Luke and Jasmin may have copied their curved island bench. 

"I'll let the public decide at home. If they've changed [their design], the cameras will pick that up," Daniel said.

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Video via Channel Nine.

Earlier in the week, judge Shaynna Blaze accused Luke and Jasmin of copying their children's bedroom design, which helped them win the double room reveal last Sunday.

The room in question was one from an Inside Out magazine photoshoot, which was created by The Designory.

"I showed everyone that picture while we were filming, saying it was my inspo. It wasn’t a secret," Jasmin said. 

"You’re calling it inspiration. Inspiration is one thing. Completely taking someone’s idea and making it your own is another," Shaynna replied. 

"We’re in a competition, and you won a room where you make money. You haven’t changed it up enough."

Here are all the photos from The Block's kitchen reveal: 

Harry and Tash, 1920s

Harry and Tash, who spent $23,500 on their kitchen, are up first.

The father and daughter duo's stand out piece in their kitchen was their 4.3 metre long island bench.


"This is a catwalk," Shaynna said upon seeing the "magnificent" bench.

"If I had to describe the perfect kitchen for 2020, it would look something like this," Neale added.

The judges loved the timber flooring, plus the hidden sink and coffee machine.

They were also impressed by the ducted vacuum system, and the "functional" Butler's Pantry.

Image: Channel Nine.

Image: Channel Nine.


Image: Channel Nine.

Sarah and George, 1940s

Sydneysiders Sarah and George and their 1940s home were up next.

This week, the couple spent $20,900 on their double upstairs room, which featured a handcrafted dolomite stone curved bench.

When the judges entered the kitchen, Darren immediately hugged the end of the kitchen bench. 

All three judges were impressed with the workmanship on the bench, as well as the black and white colour palette.

The judges thought the overhead cabinets gave a nod to the heritage of the house. However, they thought they were placed too high, as Shaynna struggled to even reach the bottom shelf.

In general, the judges were a fan of the overall kitchen layout, and the electronic Louvre glass window cabinet in the Butler's Pantry.

Neale described Sarah and George's room as "immaculate" and a "forever kitchen".

"This is never, ever going to date," he added.


Image: Channel Nine.

Image: Channel Nine.

Image: Channel Nine.


Daniel and Jade, 1930s

This week, Daniel and Jade spent $16,300 on their 1930s kitchen.

The couple also used their Suncorp Game Changer, spending $10,000 on a handmade Christian Cole curved kitchen island bench.

"That is beyond a work of art," Shaynna said, after seeing the bench.

"It's a beautiful nod to the deco era," Neale added.

While the judges loved the bench and the whiskey cabinet, Darren wasn't sold on the lighting in the kitchen.

Regardless, the judges loved the colour choices throughout and the overall design.

Over in the Butler's Pantry, the judges felt that it was like a whole extra kitchen.

"This has gone way beyond Butler's Kitchen," Neale said.

Image: Channel Nine.


Image: Channel Nine.

Image: Channel Nine.


Luke and Jasmin, 1910s

After dealing with several copying allegations this week, Luke and Jasmin were up next.

This week, the Perth couple spent $23,000 on their 1910s kitchen.

Instantly, the judges were impressed with the porta timber curved wall, which is one of the overall statement pieces of their entire home.

"I feel like I'm seeing things that I haven't seen before. These are kitchens are ahead of the curve," Neale said.

The judges loved the joinery, colour palette, flooring and the pendant light used.

However, Shaynna pointed out that there was a lack of power points throughout the kitchen.

As for the Butler's Pantry, the judges loved the pull-out pantry. However, they weren't a fan of the open shelving and baskets.

Image: Channel Nine.

Image: Channel Nine.


Image: Channel Nine.

Jimmy and Tam, 1950s

Brisbane couple Jimmy and Tam and their 1950s house were up next. 

This week, the couple spent $31,300 on their kitchen, which included $120,000 worth of Gaggenau kitchen appliances that the pair won.


Upon entering the kitchen, Darren was surprised that the mint green, brass and dark charcoal colour palette worked.

"It shouldn't work but it does," Neale added.

They loved the colour choice for the stone island bench top, and the hidden fridge.

They were also surprised to find $5,000 worth of vintage wines in the wine cooler.

"This is a kooky kitchen. It isn't something you see in a catalogue," Darren said.

"It just feels so bespoke," Neale added.

Overall, the only criticism the judges had was the height of the stools.

Image: Channel Nine.

Image: Channel Nine.


Image: Channel Nine.

The judges' scores are tallied, and Daniel and Jade use their gnome which gives them an extra point. As a result, the South Australian couple (just) took out the win.

Next week, the teams will work on their living and dining spaces.

The Block continues on Monday night at 7.30pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.

Feature Image: Channel Nine/Supplied.

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