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"It's a cop-out." All the photos from The Block's guest ensuite reveal in one place.

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After a stressful first week tackling their guest bedrooms on The Block, the five couples had the task of renovating their guest ensuite.

This season, the teams have been assigned houses from the 1910s to the 1950s, meaning they need to stick to that theme throughout their build.

But although some couples successfully nailed the brief in their guest bathroom, others failed to impress the judges.

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Here are all the photos from The Block's guest ensuite reveal: 

Harry and Tash, 1920s

First up are Victorian father and daughter duo, Harry and Tash, who spent $18,600 on their guest ensuite.

Although the judges were "blown away" by the pair's guest bedroom reveal last week, Harry and Tash's guest ensuite didn't exactly hit the brief.

The judges praised the skylights and the high ceilings in the bathroom, as well as the "curved edges" of the bathroom cabinet. 


But overall, Shaynna felt that the style of the bathroom didn't suit the 1920s brief.

"This is not 20s. It's earlier," she said.

"If you're going to do the 1920s, don't bring another era into it," Shaynna added, pointing out the floor tiles.

The judges also felt that the three different tiles throughout the bathroom didn't work together.

Harry and Tash's guest ensuite. Image: Nine.


Image: Nine.

The floor tiles. Image: Nine.


Sarah and George, 1940s

Sarah and George, who are working on a house from the 1940s, spent $20,000 on their guest ensuite bathroom.

After receiving negative feedback on their guest bedroom last week, the pair wowed the judges with their ensuite.

"The 1940s have never looked so glamorous," Neale said upon entering the bathroom.

The judges were impressed with the "luxury look" of the ensuite, as well as the pink tiles and "daggy slippers", which were a subtle nod to the 1940s.

As for that interesting black toilet paper used by the couple, you can buy your own right here.

Sarah and George's guest ensuite. Image: Nine.


The pink tiles. Image: Nine.


The bathroom featured a black shower head. Image: Nine.


Daniel and Jade, 1930s

For Daniel and Jade, guest ensuite week wasn't easy. 

The couple had to leave the show temporarily after the death of Daniel's grandfather in South Australia.

After returning, the pair completed their 1930s guest ensuite, which the judges described as very contemporary.

Although the judges thought the bathroom was luxurious, there weren't many nods to the 1930s era.

Instead, the judges described the bathroom as "very 2020".

"It's a cop-out. They have not acknowledged the period of the house. They have given us a generic, contemporary bathroom," Neale said.

Daniel and Jade's guest ensuite. Image: Nine.


The bathroom featured skylights. Image: Nine.

Image: Nine.


Luke and Jasmin, 1910s

After judge Darren visited Luke and Jasmin throughout the week to give them some tips on their 1910s ensuite, the couple pulled it off on a budget of $25,300.

"This was exactly what I wanted to see," Shaynna said after entering the bathroom.

The judges loved the "reeded" shower screen, which fitted in well with the VJ panelling and the "delicate" floor tiles.

The judges were also a fan of the basin and the oak bathroom cabinet, but found that the bathroom didn't have enough storage space.


Luke and Jasmin's guest ensuite. Image: Nine.

The VJ wall panelling. Image: Nine.


Image: Nine.


Jimmy and Tam, 1950s

After entering Jimmy and Tam's guest ensuite, Darren compared it to a public pool change room.

Thankfully, however, he meant it as a compliment.

"It feels really 50s," Shaynna said.

"I don't remember the last time I walked into a bathroom which put such a smile on my face," Neale added.

The judges loved the terrazzo tiles and the terrazzo stool as well as the stylish green vanity.

Jimmy and Tam's guest ensuite. Image: Nine.


Image: Nine.

The green vanity. Image: Nine.


The judges' scores are tallied, and Jimmy and Tam win the challenge for the third week in a row. 

Next week, the teams will work on their master bedrooms.

The Block continues on Monday night at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

Feature Image: Channel Nine/Supplied.

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