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Mamamia recaps The Bachelorette: One man leaves the show after demanding "hotter chicks".

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We open on four pairs of pale denim talking about last night's rose ceremony. 

They're sad that their four friends went home because those two blonde ladies didn't like them enough. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

"Maybe they didn't wear the right kind of jeans. Idk Idk."  Pete gets a single date with Becky. 

They drive in a product placement car to the Sydney Harbour Bridge so they can climb it. 

Back at the mansion, the man buns are eating some sponsored chips while Pascal is asking whether the woman he has given up three months of his life for is named Ally or.... Elly. 


The man buns are not... impressed. 

Back at the single date, Becky and Pete have made it to the top of the Harbour Bridge and Starley is singing her brand new song while they... dance. 






Even 2020 didn't deserve this date. 

Now Becky and Pete are sitting on a feelings couch looking at the Harbour Bridge and remembering that time they danced up there. 

"I wonder whether Starley is still up there?"  

Pete decides this is the perfect time to tell Becky about that time he was married for 12 years and only separated from his wife a year ago. 


She's... into it.

Elly invites James to the bachelorette pad for a "mini date". 

They sit on a normal size couch and drink normal size drinks.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Then they get into the pool and have a pash. 

Good times! 

It's group date time and there be a twist pls. 

The sisters have enlisted two of their male friends to go undercover and drive the boys to the wake park so they can find out who's a dirty dog/who's a potential husbo etc, etc. 

Their cousin Mitch drives Pascal and Damien in a ute, while Becky's best friend Damo drives James, Harry, Adrian, Shannon and Frazer to the group date. 

Undercover Cousin Mitch asks Damien and Pascal what the girls are like and Pascal says they're "kissing everyone" and "throwing out kisses left, right and centre". 

In the other car, the boys are playing a game of "put your hand up if you've had a kiss" like they're on a year 10 field trip. 

In the ute, Pascal is still going on about how many guys Becky has kissed, while the rest of the guys are talking about what a "rat" he is. 

They arrive at the group date and it turns out James is the "2010 wake boarding world champion" and he'd like to tell everyone about it pls. 

All the boys take turns wake boarding while Pascal sits on the sidelines laughing like a Disney villain.






When he has a go, he stacks it immediately, and it's briefly satisfying to watch. 

Becky and Elly gather the boys together and tell them about that time they enlisted Undercover Cousin Mitch and Damo to spy on them. 

Pascal's glad Mitch and Damo are here to pick up on the other boy's "juvenile behaviour". 


Becky and Elly have a chat to Mitch and Damo and obviously the guys tell them about what a giant d*ck Pascal is. 


Harry takes Elly for a chat and they decide he should go home to his son. 

Becky takes Aggy for a chat and he tells her about Pascal's douchebag ways including the fact he asked whether the show could find some "hotter chicks". 

Becky be fumin', she tells Elly, and they take Pascal for a chat. 

When they ask Pascal about that time he shamed them for kissing other blokes and then requested the show get some "hotter chicks", he says the sisters are "trying to create drama from nowhere". 

Becky says it's time for Pascal to leave and he storms off to his limo while YELLING about how this is "bullsh*t". 


The sisters tell the rest of the boys that Pascal has left and the rose ceremony has been cancelled and they all chant "PASCAL'S A DIRTY DOG, PASCAL'S A DIRTY DOG, PASCAL'S A DIRTY DOG" or something like that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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