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The plot twist during a rose ceremony on The Bachelor Vietnam that has the whole world talking.

While we’re creeping closer to the finale of our very own season of The Bachelor, and it’s getting…um, kinda dull, Vietnam’s version just featured an episode that has the whole world talking.

…And we think it might just be the best Bachelor episode in the history of the show.

The scene takes place at the rose ceremony – where our favourite type of tear-filled drama usually unfolds.

Contestant Minh Thu is chosen by the Honey Badger equivalent, Nguyen Quoc Trung, to be sent home, but instead of packing herself in to the awaiting limo to resume her normal, rose ceremony-less, life, she…stays.

Looking up at the Nguyen Quoc Trung through tears, she begins to explain that she had actually had found love on her reality TV journey…But not with him.

“I went into this competition to find love and I’ve found that love for myself, BUT it isn’t with you. It’s with someone else,” she said.

In the full, uncut and oh-so-emotional version of the scene below, Minh Thu then turns to the remaining contestants and pours her heart out to fellow contestant Truc Nhu, asking her to leave the show with her instead.


“Come home with me,” she whispers to Truc Nhu through a lingering hug.

There’s a lot of crying, long pauses, and close up shots of confused fellow contestants, but eventually, Truc Nhu decides to take Minh Thu’s offer, in perhaps the most raw, genuine confession of love in any Bachelor pairing we’ve ever seen.

…But, in a heartbreaking turn of events for Minh, although the two contestants walked out of the rose ceremony together, Truc Nhu had a change of heart and decided to stay in the running to win Nguyen Quoc Trung’s heart.

According to Bachelor franchise officials (who we imagine are just an office full of Oshers with American accents), there has never been an episode like it in the history of the show.

In Australia, we’ve seen two contestants fall for each rather than the Bachelor on Richie Strahan’s season, Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx, but their relationship blossomed (and eventually fell apart) after the season aired.

Sigh, we can only hope our season boasts this much juiciness in the weeks to come.

If not, we might just have to try and figure out how we can watch the rest of The Bachelor Vietnam