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The strange tweet that might prove Brooke Blurton doesn't win The Bachelor.

Ahem, we have an announcement to make.

You’re probably wondering who wins The Bachelor.

Last week a Twitter user posted a seemingly innocent screenshot.

Except it’s not innocent at all, and we think it might just ruin all our hopes and dreams.


The screenshot contained a photo of 23-year-old Brooke with what appears to be a love interest, and the words “Best birthday present ever” with a RED love heart.

Yes. As we all know, a red love heart is not platonic. At all.

The time-stamp on the screenshot reads ‘yesterday,’ suggesting it’s a very recent photo. The question, however, is: when was the screenshot taken?

It’s possible it’s an old screenshot, taken before Brooke even signed up for The Bachelor, but it does seem odd that someone would be strategically taking screenshots of her before she was all over our TV screens.


Does Nick choose Brooke, and then they break up?

Or, more shockingly…  does she never win at all?

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The fan favourite has had every date possible with Honey Badger, having had her second date before Cass even had ONE.

It looks like there’s going to be some unexpected turbulence on the show.