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Shannon Baff responds to claims she was 'drunk' during her elimination from The Bachelor.

When the crowd favourite from The Bachelor Shannon Baff was kicked out of the Bachie mansion last week, fans immediately began tweeting that the car consultant was… drunk.


As she walked outside with the Honey Badger, she immediately made her feelings clear.


“You haven’t got to know me,” Baff told Nick Cummins, with a slight slur to her voice.

“You should have given it another date.”

She continued to tell Cummins he should have just kissed her on their first date of the season, before being filmed in tears in the car home.

But now the contestant has responded to the claims, explaining to that she wasn’t drunk, adding “I’m a grown woman, I’ll have a champagne at my own will.”

“I’d bottled up those emotions for about two and a half months … That was all the things I should have said to (Nick) throughout the whole process.

“It’s a long time to wait until you get another chance to potentially have a date, and then to not have a date, and know that you stuck around for nothing, was pretty disappointing,” she added.

Shannon should not have to explain or apologise for her reaction, and she should be proud for wearing her heart on her sleeve. But we can’t help but wonder whether the conditions of the mansion, where it is rumoured that contestants are sleep-deprived and given alcohol on an empty stomach, contributed to the emotional reaction.

Speaking to Mix 102.3’s Jodie & Soda after appearing on Tim Robard’s season of The Bachelor, Ali Oetjen said during her season the girls were given a lot to drink, were pitted against each other, forced to share rooms and prevented from calling their loved ones.

“[The producers] did cotton on as the show went on to give us more drinks so that we would relax and do more of what the producers asked of us,” she told the radio show.

Yep. That sounds like the sort of conditions where you get a little emotional. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯