Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The Honey Badger has broken his silence.

Right now, old mate Honey Badger is in Papua New Guinea trekking the Kokoda trail just days after breaking both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman‘s hearts on national television.

That means responding to the media storm, which hasn’t ceased its rumble since Thursday night, isn’t his main priority thanks to unreliable internet access. How convenient.

But on Friday, Cummins broke his silence. He also conveniently made no mention of the catastrophe that is his love life, or lack thereof (despite an entire show dedicated to it).


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When mum says “this scarf will come in handy one day”. #gopro

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Instead, he shared an update on his adventures as he hit day five of his trek to the Australian Kokoda Tours page.

“Once again, perfect weather and track conditions meant that the group made good time,” he wrote.

“It was a pretty easy day… Everyone has had a great day, and are glad to meet the halfway point of their Kokoda journey.”

Good stuff.

2. What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry won’t be allowed to do in Australia.

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On October 16th, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are coming to Australia. We repeat, in 10 days, Megan Markle and Prince Harry will arrive on our little island of a country and everyone is just a little bit excited.

But apparently not excited enough, because, erm... we're not going to let either of them hold a koala.

On their first day in Australia, the pair will be visiting Toronga Zoo to open the new Taronga Institute of Science and Learning.

There, they will be allowed to pat the two koalas they'll be meeting, but according to the Duke and Duchess' private secretary, there will be no holding of any animals while the royals are in Sydney.

“You can cuddle in Queensland and pet in New South Wales,” Harry and Meghan’s private secretary Sam Cohen told the Daily Telegraph.

3. The truth about The Bachelor cocktail parties.

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It was the juiciest part of every episode of The Bachelor: The cocktail party.

All the ladies were dressed in lovely gowns while sipping on what seemed to be unlimited glasses of wine. For some reason, it all seemed effortless despite every woman on earth knowing looking that good takes time.

In true Laurina Fleure fashion, she has confirmed everything we wanted to know and more in an interview with news.com.au.

“The whole day is about getting ready,” she revealed.

The girls start getting ready at 8am in the morning when the actual cocktail party begins at - get this - 7pm.

Alex Nation added that she would watch Netflix and eat given for most of the day there was nothing to do.


You gotta love reality television!

4.“Sometimes we wished we didn’t wake up.” Michael Buble has spoken about son’s cancer diagnosis.


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Michael Bublé is currently wooing tens of thousands of Australian fans on his capital city tour and celebrating the release of his new album. But behind closed doors, he and his wife, Argentinean model Luisana Lopilato, have endured the darkest period of their lives.


Over the past two years, their eldest son Noah, now aged five, has been undergoing treatment for liver cancer.

Speaking to Today, the Canadian said the diagnosis was "the worst possible thing" he could have heard as a parent.

“I much rather it have been me. Many times I wish that it had been me," the father of three said. “There were a million times that my wife and I were just surviving, struggling to survive, and to breathe."

Thankfully, Noah is now healthy. But in the depths of his illness, it was the support of family, friends and fans, Bublé said, that got them through.

“More times than people can understand, some days when we wished we didn’t wake up, [but] when we did, we felt the love of those people," he said.

“We knew they were praying for us, we knew that there was goodness out there. It gave us faith in humanity. It was massive.”

5. We now know what happened to that ring Nick Cummins had in his pocket.


We saw it. It was right there on the telly during Thursday night's finale of The Bachelor. A $20,000 sparkler in a little black box. Nick Cummins picked it up, gave it a squiz and popped it in his pocket, while muttering something vague and misleading about commitment.

But cut to the end of the episode, and he's decided to remain a bachelor.

So, given he picked neither of the two finalists, what happened to the 18ct rose and white gold ring with 6.75ct rectangular cushion cut Malaya garnet and two trilliant cut diamonds (or something)?

According to the ring's designer, Larsen Jewellers, the former Wallabies star kindly handed it back.

"We respect the decision that Nick has made," the brand posted to their Instagram account. "The ring has been safely delivered back to us this morning and we plan to donate it to charity."

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