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The reaction the Honey Badger had to Brooke's walk-out we weren't shown on TV.

After Nick Cummins shocked the nation by choosing no one in The Bachelor’s finale, one thought passed through many viewers minds: Was it because Brooke Blurton meant to be the winner?

The 23-year-old social worker had, after all, left the rugby star in Wednesday night’s penultimate episode before he had a chance to give her a rose or not.

But a moment we didn’t see on TV should answer the question of Brooke’s intended fate comprehensively – and makes Nick’s behaviour in Thursday night’s episode even more baffling.

Speaking to Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on their KIIS FM breakfast show on Friday morning, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley shared that Nick spoke to them after walking Brooke to her limo. It’s a moment they wish viewers had seen, as it truly changes everything about the finale.

“There was a scene unfortunately that you weren’t shown, which kind of hurts us at the end of the day also,” Sophie told listeners.

“After Brooke had decided to leave, [Nick] did come and speak to both of us individually. And he said, ‘This is exactly how I wanted it to be’. He looked us in the eyes and said, ‘It was always you that was meant to be coming with me to the finale.’

“Unless he’s lying to our faces – which I just don’t think is in his nature to do that.”

Right. Sounds pretty definitive: Brooke was always meant to go home that night.


…Except why did he whisper into Brooke’s ear that “this wasn’t part of my plan” as he hugged her goodbye?

Was his plan to break her heart more humiliatingly by not giving her a rose during the ceremony?

As Brittany pointed out on the Kyle and Jackie O show, the Honey Badger did what he wanted when it came to the show and had every chance to convince Brooke to stay.

“Brooke’s such a beautiful human, but I guess it comes down to if Nick wanted anyone there – Brooke, Cass, any girl – they would be there.”

“And if he didn’t want someone there. They’re not there.

“I think they had this beautiful connection but maybe it was on a different level and evidently he didn’t see his life with her, much like he didn’t see his life with us. So that’s just one of those things.”

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