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If Sophie Tieman had Nick Cummins in a room, this is the question she'd make him answer.


On Thursday night, Australia watched as 25-year-old Sophie Tieman had her heart broken by 31-year-old Nick Cummins on the season finale of The Bachelor

She did not receive the customary monologue often delivered by the bachelor or bachelorette. There was no insight into why Nick thought it wouldn’t work with her, but instead a few lines about not being ‘ready’.

Of course, Nick wasn’t ‘ready’ for anyone – which begs the question why he ended up The Bachelor in the first place.

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Speaking to Mamamia, Sophie said that if she had Nick in a room, alone, she would ask: “What he was feeling in that very moment and what he was thinking… what made him ultimately not choose anyone. Because that is the million dollar question that’s been left unanswered.

“I feel like on the show he didn’t really answer it. He kind of skirted around it and before we knew it, it was over. If I got the opportunity to ask him that, I would love to know,” she said.

During Nick’s very brief rejection of Sophie, it’s been noted that there were two very simple words missing: ‘I’m sorry.’

Sophie explained that his lack of apology “really hurt me in the moment,” and only further added to her confusion.

“To be honest, I don’t really remember him telling me it’s ‘no’. I knew it wasn’t me as he was talking to me… I realised walking up to him it wasn’t going to be me. I could tell he was a little off, and I just wanted to close my eyes, open them up and be back at home,” she said.

Hopefully Lisa Wilkinson’s exclusive interview with Nick Cummins on The Sunday Project will go some way in answering Sophie and Brittany’s questions.