'The Bachelors' is returning in December, and this is what we've learned about our fave 3-for-1 deal.

It's hard to recall that The Bachelors already happened this year – it sure was a fever dream. 

But alas, The Bachelor Australia is back with another season of The Bachelors, which means we get three more strange men for the discounted price of one. 

On the January 2023 season of The Bachelor Australia, we met Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh. The three men ended their journey by picking three lovely ladies, and embarking on relationships that lasted a few months at best and a few weeks at worst, but hey, we had fun! 

And we're ready to do it all over again. Yep, we're ready to get hurt again. 

This time The Bachelor Australia will mix things up with *checks notes* an NRL player instead of a basketballer, an influencer instead of a MLM market schemer, and a Brazilian model instead of an emo drummer. 

We call that range! 

When does The Bachelor Australia season 11 premiere?

The new season will premiere sooner than anyone expected, on December 3, 2023. That's two Bach seasons in one year! Madness!

The Bachelor season 11 trailer.

Video via Channel 10.

Who are the Bachelors for season 11?

After a first run of The Bachelors, which resulted in zero long-lasting relationships, Channel 10 is ready to try again. Yep, it's three more fellas, this time Australia will be welcoming Ben Waddel, Luke Bateman and Wesley Senna Cortes.

Meet influencer and model Bachelor, Ben Waddell.

Ben Waddell is an Australian model and influencer with a passion for environmental issues and sustainability. This isn't Ben's first brush with fame, as he made headlines in 2021 when he accused Netflix series Zac Efron's Down To Earth of ripping off his own idea for a TV show.


The incoming Bachelor even appeared on an A Current Affair segment, where he claimed that he pitched the idea to US producers and copyrighted the name Down To Earth.

"They said that sustainability didn't pack enough punch for it to be a success. So, they wanted to get a celebrity host. And I said no. Because I wanted to learn, I wanted to be the host," Waddell said in 2021.

But Ben is ready to leave that saga behind him, and he's no longer searching for a TV deal – he's hunting for love. "I'll be going in with an open mind and an open heart to find the girl of my dreams," he said.

Meet NRL player Bachelor, Luke Bateman.

He's used to playing the field (literally) and now former NRL player Luke Bateman is ready to settle on one special lady. Luke played for the Canberra Raiders until 2019, with the player's career ending due to a knee injury.

He follows in the footsteps of other professional sporting Bachies Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins and last season's Felix Von Hofe. Away from sport, Luke is now a... ummm, lumberjack.

This is real. This is not the plot of some erotic novel.

And Luke is ready to meet the real deal. "I'm looking for a partner who I can build and share a life with, a genuine person who makes me laugh and wants to start a family," he said.


Meet Brazilian model Bachelor, Wesley Senna Cortes.

And lastly, we have our Brazilian influencer and model Bachelor aka Wesley Senna Cortes. This is a multitalented man, as when he's not making bank on social media, Wesley is studying theology at university, or acting in several short films.

"It's a huge honour given what the show means to Australia, but also to represent my culture," Wesley said.

"It’s not every day that you have such an incredible team helping you find love. I couldn’t be more excited."

Where is The Bachelor Australia season 11 filmed?

Break out your all-black outfit and slide on some R.M.Williams boots because the next season was filmed in Melbourne for the first time ever.

Who will host The Bachelor Australia season 11? 

Osher Günsberg is back as the host of The Bachelors 2.0.

"I am thrilled to once again be a part of Australia's favourite love story, and even more stoked that Melbourne will be the backdrop for the most romantic season we've ever made," Osher said.

"The guys are so great, and the ladies who have chosen to be a part of this are powerful, smart women who aren't afraid to find the love they came to find."

Feature image: Channel 10. 

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