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Six months since The Bachelors ended, two exes are still bickering online.

Channel 10 have just announced the three men stepping into the shoes filled by last season's The Bachelors trio, but meanwhile, one of the winning couples from the last round are still arguing about the demise of their relationship.

Thomas Malucelli and Leah Cummings met on the 2023 season of The Bachelors. They enjoyed a fairly steady romance before Thomas chose and proposed to Leah in the finale. However, by the time the final episode aired, the couple had already called it quits.

This was the same story for Felix Von Hofe and his winner, Jess Navin. Jed McIntosh dated his chosen lady Alésia-Françoise Delaney for only two months after the finale before confirming they had split. 

In short, The Bachelors was a bit of a disaster, and based on the next season's selection of men, it doesn't look like it's going to get much better. 

But back to Leah and Thomas... when the couple announced their split, they did it in the most civilised manner that's accepted on Instagram: a joint statement simultaneously posted. 

Speaking to 10 Play, Thomas said that the couple quickly realised they weren't right together. “I think it was two or three months after the finale," he said. “We realised, spending time together, we had lots of love and care for each other, but we weren’t compatible, and compatibility is so important."

But now Leah is speaking out about the relationship and breakup in a tell-all interview on the So Dramatic! podcast. 

Leah has painted quite the picture of the couple's relationship. Starting with finale night, Leah said that night the engaged couple did not have sex. She claimed that she “tried to kiss,” Thomas but he “said he was tired,” Leah recalled.


Listen to this episode of The Spill about Jonah Hill. Post continues after podcast.

This led to Leah starting to feel insecure. “I was like, ‘Is there something wrong with me?’," she told host Megan Pustetto.

“I thought you would just, especially coming out of something like that, you’d want to just be with that person straight away. It was really confusing... It was just such an awkward feeling for me."

Leah also made some rather wild allegations about Thomas not believing in her asthma medication, and faking the COVID vaccine certificate he provided to be cast on The Bachelors. “It’s all like, red flags,” Leah said, looking back. 

After the finale, for a brief time their relationship was on track with Leah planning to move to Sydney and in the meantime, the couple FaceTimed each other regularly. 

But then Thomas travelled to the US with a woman later revealed to be his ex-partner. “When he came back… That’s when things started to feel weird for me.”

When Leah confronted Thomas about going on a holiday with his ex, she said she felt “gaslighted” by her partner. “He’s like, ‘This is why I didn’t tell you’,” she said.

In the days since the interview with Leah went live, Thomas posted to his Instagram and his comments appear to be targeting his ex. 

“A few things happened to me this morning where I could have easily stepped into the energy of drama, the energy of gossip. But I thought to myself, ‘I don’t really want to put my energy into something that’s not going to serve me?”


The former reality star finished his monologue by saying, “So, big reminder: we do not entertain drama, we do not entertain gossip and we do not entertain any sort of negativity.”

Alrighty then! 

Leah and Thomas do not follow each other on Instagram, and it doesn't get much more final than that. 

Feature image: Channel 10/Instagram. 

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