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Wanna snoop each of The Bachelors on social media? Here's Ben Waddell's Instagram.

The Bachelors Australia is returning for another season of really serious reality matchmaking.

Yep, we're in for another round of intensely good TV ...if tantrums and heartbreak are the sort of thing you're into.

Earlier this month the network announced that we will be welcoming another trio of the iconic Bachelors back onto our screens. 

Ben Wadell, Wesley Senna Cortes and Luke Bateman are the confirmed heartthrobs of the upcoming seasonwhich will mark the second time the series has adopted the three-person format – a potential rewrite of the previous season considering last year resulted in no Bachelor finding love.  

Either way, we will watch on as each one of them begin their quest to find true love. 

But, if you've never watched the show don't worry, it's not a particularly hard one to wrap your head around. We will watch on as the Bachelors pick from a selection of single women who they'd like to date over the course of the season, chopping and changing as the series progresses.

The lucky women will have opportunities to showcase their worth all in the hopes of winning over their desired man's heart. 

Watch the trailer for No Hard Feelings. Story continues after post.

Video via Columbia Pictures.

So who the heck is Bachelor Ben Waddell? Well, much of that is still under wraps, but here's what we do know.

Ben considers himself an environmentalist, who has a serious passion for sustainable lifestyle activism. Ben is a bit of an entrepreneur also, having started a few of his own sustainable businesses, and making a considered attempt to take on media jobs that relate to his passion for travel and sustainability.


Ben is also a model, who has been fortunate to book jobs for brands such as Levis, Timberland and Calvin Klein.

Oh, and he did try to kinda sue Zac Efron that one time.

Anyway, what we're all here for: Ben Waddell's Instagram. If you're like us and keen on a lil snoopy snoop, then look no further, you can check out what Ben gets up to here: @bwadd

Unfortunately, Ben still has his account on private, but no doubt this will go public again as we edge closer to The Bachelors' premiere.  

Until then, here's a serious headshot from his modelling agency.

Image: Select Model Management.

Check back in shortly to stay in the loop of all things Ben related.

Image: Getty.

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