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katet March 31, 2024

@alessandra.z87 yes! And real horse girls do not wear cowboy hats and sequinned chaps, they wear stained jodhpurs and horse hair covered rugby jumpers!

katet March 29, 2024

Thanks! Another size inclusive jewellery brand is glist.

katet February 20, 2024

Thankyou for this article.

katet February 11, 2024

Well hopefully he won't be. Hopefully she'll dump him like a hot potato after that appalling display of man-baby behaviour he's just displayed towards his coach. That's not a red flag, that's an entire scarlet carnival.

katet January 23, 2024

@simple simon no, generally they don't. 

katet January 12, 2024

Wouldn't it be fabulous if politicians became outraged and proposed boycotting Woollies or Coles for their actual egregious business practices of price gouging and extortion of primary producers? Where's your high dudgeon for that, Peter Dutton et al?

katet December 15, 2023

I haven't seen it yet, but isn't 'Saltburn' essentially just 'Brideshead' revisited?

katet November 10, 2023

@Beauty yes! I have a separate account to document (for me) my fitness stuff, and every one gets a Katet's on Instagram as...msg from IG.

katet October 22, 2023

@moenanthea Not to mention having to sometimes order more than one thing because you don't know if it will fit!

katet October 22, 2023

It is literally discriminatory. It makes plus size (for want of a better term) women pay more in postal costs for the clothing. In what way is this fair?

katet October 22, 2023

Thanks for the update - very helpful.

Questions though:
Do Gen Zs completely reject the original meaning of words (eg the "out of pocket") because that's actually bizarre. Or is it just that it's also used alternatively? 

katet October 2, 2023

I didn't expect them to help, but I'm sad that - my husband's parents in particular- they didn't seem to want to spend time with my child, when they've spent so much time helping out with their other grandchildren. 

katet September 4, 2023

OK, yes please people stop doing this to your hair, but can people also please stop using "mortified" when they probably mean "horrified"?

Mortified means ashamed. 

katet August 24, 2023

@snorks I disagree that it's been around forever in the same format as it is now, or to the same widespread extent. It's become widely used by a large number of men following the rise of "dating coaches" in the late 90s/early 2000s, but prior to that it wasn't really a thing. Some men may have -deliberately or otherwise- found that it worked for some women,  but generally it wasn't something we really had to deal with.

katet August 18, 2023

I recently watched Tell me Lies and it felt like half of every episode was just sex scenes. I think we all know by now that teens and young adults are horny, it just gets super tedious after a while. I find that it's become so ubiquitous and prevalent in nearly every show that it interrupts the flow of the story.

katet August 15, 2023

@rush there's still an Indonesian person missing. 

katet August 10, 2023

@mamamia-user-556745246 Yes! And a true lesson on how to have a respectful and honest friendship. 

katet August 7, 2023

Yes yes yes. Keep those facial,muscles tight, ladies. Everything is botox and peels, but honestly,  face massage, hydration and SPF are where it's at.

katet August 4, 2023

But what happened to stealth wealth? I thought that Sophia Ritchie had decreed "quiet rich girl" was the vibe? Why are they wearing the brands emblazoned on their accessories? (On a side note, I just always assume "the bigger the logo, the faker the bag").

katet July 26, 2023

@howtoexplain but where is the sausage coming from? How is it being cooked?