From costumes to set lists: Everything Aussies won’t get to see from Taylor Swift's new Eras tour.

Taylor Swift's sold-out Eras Tour has been taking the world by storm, but the star walked onto the stage of Paris' La Défense arena with a whole gamut of changes in mind.

Having already completed identical shows in the United States and across the Asia-Pacific, including Australia, it seems Swift was keen to shake things up alongside the release of her 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department

Fans had been questioning if Swift would include this new chapter in her iconic Eras Tour, which sees her revisit each album across her career, with the exception of her first, Taylor Swift, known as 'Debut'. 

A series of behind-the-scenes clips posted to her socials had hinted at new costumes, microphones and dance routines, but it wasn't until she was on the stage in Paris that Swift confirmed that she would include Tortured Poets in the set list. 

Did Taylor Swift add The Tortured Poets Department to the setlist? 

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Good news, Swifties will get to see her perform six and a half songs from the new album live on the Eras Tour (on TikTok, if not in person). 

Swift has officially decided to add her new songs into the set list, squishing down and re-ordering her other eras in order to fit them into the three-hour show. 

Of the 31-track playlist, Swift added: 'But Daddy I Love Him', 'Down Bad', 'Fortnight', 'Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?', a snippet of 'So High School' as a transition song, 'The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived' and 'I Can Do It With A Broken Heart'.

Of course, given the show is already over three hours long, adding a new era also meant taking away some songs from the setlist. 

Alongside the music changes, she's also debuted new outfits, visuals and an overall rework of the successful shows' existing experience. 

Australian fans who went to the Eras Tour may be wondering about all the other changes they'll miss out on. So here, we have a complete guide to all the key tweaks Swift has made to the Eras Tour experience.


Tortured Poets is included in the introduction. 

Swift has probably one of the most iconic musical intros to any tour ever, with the singer remixing all the times she's sung the name of each album across her career into one crescendoing tune. 

Fans wondered if Swift would just keep her first 10 studio albums in the introduction, but she did include a clip of her singing 'The Tortured Poets Department' for the intro. 

Interestingly she also added, 'What if I told you I'm back?' from 'The Alchemy', which is the only non-album title to make it into the intro. 

You can listen to it here. 

@saywhaaatt1 STRAIGHT FROM THE TTPD!!! #fyp #taylorswift #taylornation #erastour #paris #ttpd #swifttok #swiftie #viral #trending ♬ original sound - GinY822

Swift has cut songs from the set list for the Eras Tour.

To add The Tortured Poets Department to the set list, Swift was forced to tweak and remove some existing songs on the set list in order to fit it in. 

The songs cut from the Eras Tour include: 

  • The Archer (Lover)

  • Long Live (Speak Now)

  • the 1 (folklore)

  • the last great american dynasty (folklore)

  • 'tis the damn season (evermore)

  • tolerate it (evermore)

The songs she added include: 

  • But Daddy I Love Him

  • So High School (snippet)

  • Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?

  • Down Bad

  • Fortnight

  • The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived

  • I Can Do It With A Broken Heart

There is a new order to the Eras Tour.

While we previously went from Lover, to Fearless, evermore, reputation, Speak Now, Red, folklore, 1989, surprise songs and then Midnights, there is a new order to the Eras Tour. 

In the revised set list, folklore and evermore are combined and Speak Now's one song comes directly after 'All Too Well'. 

The new order of the Eras Tour is as follows: 

  • Lover

  • Fearless

  • Red

  • Speak Now

  • reputation

  • folklore/evermore

  • 1989

  • The Tortured Poets Department

  • Surprise songs

  • Mightnights

Swift debuts new costumes in the Eras Tour.

Swift opened the show with her Lover set, where she wore a brand new Versace bright red-orange bodysuit, alongside bedazzled orange-hued Christian Louboutin heels. She added a matching jacket, also Versace, to perform 'The Man'. 


Image: Getty

For Fearless, Swift wore a new silver and black fringe dress, which was quite similar to the one she wore during the original album tour in 2009. 

Image: Getty


Speak Now opened with a new routine of dancers in purple dresses, but Swift opted for a brand new embellished pink dress. 


Swift wore very similar outfits for Red, but this time her '22' t-shirt said, 'This is not Taylor's Version.'

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With folklore and evermore pushed into one 'folkmore' set, she wore a new Alberta Ferretti yellow dress for the segment, which felt like a meshing between her prior evermore marigold yellow dress and the original white folklore layered gown.

Image: Getty


For 1989, the star wore a blue A-line mini skirt and pink crop top, which was a popular silhouette that she wore when originally releasing the album. It was worn alongside a new pair of shoes, one pink and one blue. 

Image: Getty


Her reputation album stayed the same — perhaps a reference to the fact that she is yet to release the 'Taylor's Version' of this album — while Midnights saw her wear a new bodysuit. 

Image: Getty

She wore a pink dress with a slightly different silhouette for the surprise songs acoustic set. 

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Swift also debuted new outfits for The Tortured Poets Department set. The starlet wore a Vivienne Westwood white layered gown emblazoned with writing on it, which felt reminiscent of a scrunched up bit of paper. 


Fans will be intrigued to know that the writing on the dress was actually a single line from her hit song 'Fortnight', "I love you, it's ruining my life". 

Perhaps Swift is pulling this out as an overarching motif for the album, which explores the denial and eventual heartbreak of being with someone who cannot fully commit to you. 

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Later on, Swift added a white military jacket to her dress, which also holds another meaning for Swifties. Throughout her relationship with ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn she often referred to army motifs, see: "fighting in only your army" in 'You're Losing Me', "sickest army doll" in 'My Boy Only Breaks His Favourite Toys' and "I vowed not to fight anymore" in 'The Great War'. 

Perhaps Swift is referencing being a member of this 'army' fighting to save her relationship.

Finally, for 'I Can Do It With A Broken Heart', Swift shed her white gown for a two-piece black sequin look, complete with circus performer coat, which is perhaps a reference to the song's lyrics about pasting on a smile for audiences while secretly depressed.


Swift debuted new visuals to open the eras.

Alongside the new costumes and set list, Swift has new transitions between her eras. 

This includes a new visual of a flower blooming for Speak Now alongside dancers in purple dresses. 

reputation also has updated (and very realistic) snake visuals as it slithers through the woods, while folklore/evermore also has a new twisting forest mural. 

The entire new Eras Tour set list revealed.

  1. Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince

  2. Cruel Summer

  3. The Man

  4. You Need to Calm Down

  5. Lover

  6. Fearless

  7. You Belong With Me

  8. Love Story

  9. 22

  10. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  11. I Knew You Were Trouble

  12. All Too Well (10-Minute Version)

  13. Enchanted

  14. Ready For It?

  15. Delicate

  16. Don't Blame Me

  17. Look What You Made Me Do

  18. Cardigan

  19. Betty

  20. Champagne Problems

  21. August

  22. Illicit Affairs

  23. My Tears Ricochet

  24. Marjorie

  25. Willow

  26. Style

  27. Blank Space

  28. Shake it Off

  29. Wildest Dreams

  30. Bad Blood

  31. But Daddy I Love Him

  32. So High School

  33. Who's Afraid of Little Old Me

  34. Down Bad

  35. Fortnight

  36. The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived

  37. I Can Do It with a Broken Heart

  38. Surprise song

  39. Surprise song

  40. Lavender Haze

  41. Anti-Hero

  42. Midnight Rain

  43. Vigilante S—-

  44. Bejeweled

  45. Mastermind

  46. Karma

The old Eras Tour set list (for those who can't let go of Long Live). 

  1. Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince

  2. Cruel Summer

  3. The Man

  4. You Need to Calm Down

  5. Lover

  6. The Archer

  7. Fearless

  8. You Belong With Me

  9. Love Story

  10. 'Tis the Damn Season

  11. Willow

  12. Marjorie

  13. Champagne Problems

  14. Tolerate It

  15. Ready For It?

  16. Delicate

  17. Don't Blame Me

  18. Look What You Made Me Do

  19. Enchanted

  20. Long Live (added on the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version))

  21. 22

  22. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  23. I Knew You Were Trouble

  24. All Too Well (10-Minute Version)

  25. The 1 (originally 'Invisible String'

  26. Betty

  27. The Last Great American Dynasty

  28. August

  29. Illicit Affairs

  30. My Tears Ricochet

  31. Cardigan

  32. Style

  33. Blank Space

  34. Shake it Off

  35. Wildest Dreams

  36. Bad Blood

  37. Surprise song

  38. Surprise song

  39. Lavender Haze

  40. Anti-Hero

  41. Midnight Rain

  42. Vigilante S---

  43. Bejeweled

  44. Mastermind

  45. Karma

Feature image: Getty.

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