Love Island's Grant Crapp has released a video begging for Tayla Damir back.

Just days after Tayla Damir broke up with Grant Crapp because he compulsively lied to her/gaslighted her/did everything a boyfriend should not do to a woman he loves and respects, he has released a video asking for her back.

In the video, which he posted to Instagram, Grant spoke about his side of the story, revealing that while he never had a girlfriend in the villa, he did have one just before the TV show.

“The situation with my girlfriend before Love Island, that’s true. I’d lied about that to Tayla and I totally regret that situation, it’s something that I’m not proud of” he said in the post.

He continued to share that his ex-girlfriend knew he was going on Love Island Australia and that the pair had broken up before he went abroad to be on the show.

But in the second video, things become a little… awkward.


Grant begins pleading for Tayla back and tries to recruit his fans to help him out.

“Right now I am heartbroken, I want to fight for her, I know she’d be watching this so Tayla if we can try and work through this I really really would like that,” he said.

“Tayla balls in your court, if you want to give me another chance I’d love that,” he continued.

But while it’s problematic enough to beg for a girl back after lying to her on national television for weeks, he took it one step further.

“If any of the Grayla fans could help me out with that, that’d be good,” he finished.

“Grayla” is of course a creative fusion of the words “Grant” and “Tayla”.

And to be clear, most of the die-hard Love Island fans are, believe it or not, vulnerable tweens who should probably not be taught that a) men have the right to beg for a girl back after manipulating them and b) that gaslighting and lying to a woman are features of a healthy and loving relationship.

People make mistakes, and it’s likely that Grant is a good guy in a (self-made) terrible situation, but this is obviously a toxic relationship.


Not surprisingly, many of Grant’s followers were less than sympathetic.

“You are a compulsive liar. You really need to sort yourself out before you ever get into another relationship. The natural way I saw you lie onscreen was scary and the reason so many people have trust issues. BYE” wrote one user.

Others pointed out that above all else, it takes a lot of bravery to publicly admit you’ve made a mistake.

“It takes a lot of balls doing this publicly,” wrote one user.

“He’s publicly admitting that he made a mistake and lied and is apologising for it. We all make mistakes, NO ONE is perfect, but we’d be so much closer if we all made a conscious effort to only ever be kind to each other” wrote another.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O yesterday, Tayla Damir said the split had a lot to do with the fact that she is now a role model for young women.

“I am now looked at by so many young girls,” Tayla said. “I’m not gonna teach these girls that it’s okay to be lied to and manipulated… it’s not normal to go through something like that,” she shared.

Australia may not have found their favourite couple on Love Island after all, so here’s to hoping the Honey Badger will show us romance on The Bachelor.