Instagram model who left Kylie Jenner's party on a stretcher shares what really happened.

When Kylie Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday in the most extravagant and ‘Kylie’ way possible, there was one guest who didn’t have as great of a time.

Mum-of-two Tammy Hembrow was the Australian Instagram model who was wheeled out of the party by paramedics face-down on a stretcher – a fact she’s now confirmed on her YouTube channel.

Posting a three minute explanation video, the 24-year-old cited overworking and exhaustion as reasons behind her collapse.

“I’ve been throwing myself into work way more than ever and I have my kids majority of the time… literally been non-stop on the job kind of thing,” she said, explaining the emotional toll of her recent split with her ex-fiance Reece Hawkins.

“I think because of the break-up, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and not really taking time to think about how I’m actually feeling or focusing on myself.”

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The Queensland based influencer – who has 8.6 million Instagram followers – said drinking in her exhausted state was a bad idea in hindsight.

“I probably, definitely shouldn’t have been drinking because of how jet-lagged and exhausted I was and I already wasn’t feeling well,” she said.

“I was in LA I was running off pretty much 30 hours of no sleep. I was struggling to stay awake even when I had my hair and makeup done, I was literally sitting there, falling asleep. I could barely keep my eyes open.”

Tammy Hembrow speaks about the exhaustion that led to her collapse at Kylie’s Birthday:

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Hembrow said she’d received negative comments since making headlines this weekend, and she started crying as she spoke about her loyal fan base.

“Another thing I wanted to bring up is people trolling or being nasty or making up things just for no good reason,” she said.

“You just never know what someone is going through, it’s a reminder to be kind always.”

“I know I have a lot of true fans that love me and support me and I don’t want to let you guys down.”

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Hembrow was just one of the many celebrities spotted at Jenner’s 21st birthday on Saturday, which included a life size pink ball pit, a Kardashian/Jenner family mural and two outfit changes.

Other guests in attendance included Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid, Nicki Minaj and Scott Disick.