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We're calling it. Survivor Australia 2019 is the best reality show on TV right now.

Ask me to pick the best reality TV show on Australian telly right now and I’ll tell you point blank. It’s Survivor.

Sure, The Bachelor is always a good time and the room reveals on The Block are ace. But in my humble TV-watching opinion, the 2019 season of Australian Survivor is the best one yet.

Whether it’s groups of friends, families, couples or people on their own, dedicated Survivor fans across this country rush home from work or their social lives every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night to watch the drama unfold.

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No, you won’t find romance (except in 2016 when contestants Lee and El got together) or roses on the remote Fijian island, but there’s a certain magic to Survivor that makes it so addictive and so thrilling, without dipping into, well, low-brow territory. Trashy reality TV will always have its place, but Survivor is on another level.

It’s the perfect combination of all the genres and elements that test the human condition. Drama, tick. Athletic challenges, tick. The elements, tick. Love and betrayal, tick. Drama, triple tick.

The show also has Jonathan LaPaglia, who in his role as host, has delivered some of the wisest lines ever uttered on television.

survivor australia 2019
Well said, Jonathan. Image: Giphy.

Of course, Survivor isn't new. The tried and tested format has been around since first airing in America in 2000, and the Australian version in 2002 (although it didn't really get good until Network Ten picked it up in 2016).

But this year's season has stepped it up. You can tell because we're not even close to merge yet (where the two tribes... merge... into one) and already, both champions and contenders are making bold moves.

Like contender Harry, who pretended to have a young child named Oscar to bond with his ovary-owning tribe mates (i.e. the women) before proceeding to expose his lie at tribal council in a very strange attempt at saving himself. Only, old mate Jonathan pulled a tribe swap out instead of an eviction, meaning all Harry achieved from his master plan was royally pissing everyone off.

survivor australia 2019
Rule number 1: Never admit to lying about having children. Image: Giphy.

And Andy, who's said 'this will be the biggest move of the game' multiple times this season so far, despite not having successfully made any... moves.

survivor australia 2019
When your 'big move' doesn't turn out the way you planned. Image: Giphy.

Oh, and Dave. We have to talk about Dave.

survivor australia 2019
Dave is 2019's Survivor villain. Image: Giphy.

Not only is the supermodel completely power hungry (power hungry piece to cameras are THE BEST piece to cameras), but he's also savagely sneaky and it's brilliant.

I mean, c'mon. The guy made a fake idol out of sticks and washed up bits of string, and conned contender Shaun into swapping it with him for a real idol. Dick move, but again, brilliant.

survivor australia 2019
As much as I don't want to admit it, he kind of... is. Image: Giphy.

And what about when Dave and Luke from the old champions tribe somehow managed to flip a whole new tribe into forming an alliance with them when the votes were against them two to seven?! It was a masterclass in how to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast.

survivor australia 2019
Ah Luke. Never change. Image: Giphy.

Then there's the lying. The backstabbing. The manipulating. And above all, THE BLINDSIDES. Essentially, this year, the Survivor contestants have come to play and it makes for spectacular TV.

Honestly, one tribal council serves up more drama than a rose ceremony ever could.

So, if you're not yet watching Survivor, really, I envy you. Because you, my friend, have got so many episodes to catch up on ahead of you.

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