"Looks like a grey tomb." Just all the photos from The Block's guest ensuite room reveal.

The best bit about The Block is Sunday night when they do the reveals, amiright?

There’s something weirdly satisfying about looking at newly renovated rooms and then critiquing them like you could do a better job.

“Ohhhh interesting choice of faucet.”

“Well, they bit off more than they could chew didn’t they,” we all lament from the comfort of our dressing gowns.

Here’s one of last night’s reveals. Post continues after video.

Video via Nine

The armchair expert in us comes out in full freaking force, and it’s the best.

It’s why this show has lasted for the whole of eternity (well… 16 years, but that’s eternity in TV land).

So without further ado, we give you last night’s guest bedroom ensuite reveals:

Jesse and Mel.

Woah, Jesse and Mel are in… trouble.

They presented a half finished bathroom to the judges and were absolutely bloody crucified.

Jesse and Mel thought they’d delivered a “fantastic room given the time restraints” but oh dear gosh were they sorely mistaken.

Neale Whitaker described their guest ensuite as a “tomb” and a “fail” while Shaynna Blaze said “yawn” while doing a walkthrough.


With feedback like that we weren’t surprised to see the Melbourne couple coming in last for the night.

The Block
Neale described the unfinished bathroom as a "grey tomb." Image: Nine.
The Block
Jesse and Mel's attempt earned them an embarrassingly low score of 14. Image: Nine.
The Block
“There is nothing. They can tick all those boxes of functionality, but if I’m not feeling good in here then it’s failed.” Image: Nine.

Andy and Deb.

From the bottom of the leaderboard to the top.

Andy and Deb took out first place with a score of 28 for their ensuite.

“The biggest compliment I can give this ensuite is the fact I want to pick it up and put it in my home,” Neale Whitaker said.

“I love the simplicity of this matt white tile, but the fact they’ve used it consistently for all the walls gives a lovely tactility that makes it feel luxurious and expensive,” said Darren Jolly.

Shaynna added that Andy and Deb proved they could “achieve budget on a very beautiful level”.

the block
Andy and Deb's bathroom was described by the judges as having an "earthy glamour." Image: Nine.
the block
For their win this week, the couple bagged an extra $10,000 for their kitty. Image: Nine.
the block
"Budget on a very beautiful level." Image: Nine.

Mitch and Mark. 

The judges loved Mitch and Mark's room awarding them second place with a score of 27.5 for their "luxurious Hollywood glamour design".

“It’s a really simple palette of this marble-look tile which is ultra impressive,” Darren said.

Neale remarked that he felt like he was stepping onto a 1940s film set.

Shaynna was worried it was "too much too soon," remarking that "A toilet like this should be in the main bathroom. They really need to measure where they’re spending their money".

The Block
The judges also appreciated the remote control toilet. Image: Nine.
The Block
The ensuite was described by the judges as "spot on." Image: Nine.
The Block
The boys from Bondi were awarded second place on the leaderboard. Image: Nine.

Matt and Elise.

Coming in third on the leaderboard, Matt and Elise's ensuite got mixed reviews.

Shaynna described it as a "sweet little room", but didn't think there was much practicality with the mirror because of the pendant light the couple had chosen which cast shadows across the bathroom.

When it came to the floor tiles she said, "One mistake that drains the luxury feelings from the room".

Neale said their efforts were "not bad".

The Block
"Their strength is an interpretation of modern design," said Neale. Image: Nine.
The Block
Matt and Elise scored 22 points for their efforts. Image: Nine.
The Block
Darren loved the black taps and vanity. Image: Nine.

Tess and Luke. 

Tess described their week as one "from hell" and unfortunately the judges agreed unanimously calling the attempt "undercooked".

Neale said it didn't feel like anything new, while Shaynna said, "I feel they’d be better off spending less money on these finishes and rooms that are less important and more on their styling to glam it up".

Darren did say he liked the patterned feature tiles against the white wall but thought they'd "blown their budget before even getting halfway".

The Block
Tess and Luke came in second to last with a score of 20. Image: Nine.
The Block
Shaynna said they used too much money on the "trimmings." Image: Nine.
The Block
This is the second week Tess and Luke haven't performed to the judge's liking. Image: Nine.

This week the couples will renovate their formal lounge rooms.

The Block airs Monday - Wednesday 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm.