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A very serious and thorough investigation into who will win Australian Survivor 2019.


Right now, Australian Survivor 2019 is the best reality show on TV.

In bad news for us, there are only three episodes and five contestants left battling it out for the title of Sole Survivor.

Honestly, we don’t know what we’ll do with ourselves when it’s over.

Side note – Survivor 2019 villain Dave told The Spill exactly what it’s like being on the brutal reality TV show. Post continues after audio.

The five remaining Survivor players are: Luke Toki, Pia Miranda, Baden Gilbert, Harry Hills and Abbey Holmes. Three original champions and two contenders, each is playing a completely different style of game.

Which begs the question: who wins Australian Survivor 2019?

Currently, Sportsbet has Looking For Alibrandi actress Pia Miranda placed to win with odds of $1.50. AFLW player Abbey Holmes is second at $4.50, and contender Harry Hills is a fair way behind at $8 for third place.

Rounding out the top five is Baden Gilbert in fourth at $10, and Luke Toki at $15.

Side note – catch our interview with Dave when he visited the Mamamia office below. Post continues after video.

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Fans are also claiming Pia is getting the ‘winner’s edit’, meaning producers are setting her up to make it appear she’s playing the perfect game.

Sure, she’s not the strongest physical player, but as she’s said herself many times throughout the season, she’s a strong social player and was shielding herself by hanging out with bigger threats like Boost Juice founder Janine ‘The Godmother’ Allis.

Way back in the very first episode of Survivor when her head was on the chopping block, Pia also predicted she would either be the first player to go, or the last one standing. She made it through that night, so will she make it all the way to the end?

Pia Miranda Survivor Australia
Pia might not look like the biggest threat, but she's playing a long game. Image: Channel 10.

As the wise Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia always says, you never know what will happen in Survivor.

Here's our ranking of who we think will win Australian Survivor 2019.

P.S. We're not liable for any office sweepstake losses based on these predictions.

5. Abbey Holmes.

abbey survivor
Abbey, you're too nice! Image: Ten.

Abbey is tipped to come second, but honestly, she's flipped on her alliances so many times in recent episodes we're not sure she's done herself any favours.

And as Survivor fans know, once you start flipping, there's no going back.

4. Luke Toki.

Luke Toki survivor
Man, we want Luke to win so badly! Image: Ten.

Luke is the best person on this whole goddamn show, but it's his likeability that makes him such a huge threat.


Not only that, but he has the best story: the everyday Aussie coming on the show to win money to support his young family doing it tough.

No one will want to vote Luke out, but it will get to a point where as soon as he doesn't win individual immunity, they'll have to.

3. Baden Gilbert.

survivor australia baden
Baden has a very good chance of making it to the finale. Image: Ten.

Baden is the typical Survivor winner. We know the physical players never make it to the end, but the cunning players who pretend to do other players' bidding go far.


But has Baden done enough to earn the respect his competitors? Will they want to take him to the end?

2. Pia Miranda.

australian survivor pia
Pia calls herself the 'Smiling Assassin'. Image: Ten.

If Pia plays her cards right, there's a very good chance she will be in the final two. Unlike Baden, Pia has young children and she's let that vulnerable side of her be a part of her Survivor story. And if she keeps going the way she's playing, she'll have been involved in enough big moves to proves she deserves the win.



1. Harry Hills.

survivor harry
Ah, Harry. Image: Ten.

Ah Harry. Harry got himself in a lot of trouble when he was caught out lying about having a kid to better bond with the mothers playing the game. But, he recovered, made it to merge and shifted the focus to bigger, more powerful players.

The thing about Harry is he's an underdog, and at the end of the day, there's nothing Aussies love and respect more than a true underdog fighting their way to the top.






But... who do we desperately hope wins Australian Survivor 2019?

Long live Luke, the King of the Jungle.

survivor australia 2019
Ah Luke. Never change. Image: Giphy.

Who do you think will win Australian Survivor 2019? Tell us in the comments!