The 6 'rules' to follow when wearing sneakers with jeans.

If there's one style of shoe that has truly stood the test of time it's the humble sneaker.

Over the years we've had some iconic styles shape the cultural zeitgeist. There are the Nike Jordans, the Converse Chuck Taylors, and the Nike TNs just to name a few.

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All of these designs helped sneakers go from a commodity to an icon, and in 2024, sneaker culture is bigger than ever. What used to be a shoe solely built for purpose is now being collected by men and women around the world, and is a way for people to express themselves.

But that also means that styling and buying sneakers can be intimidating AF, because how do you wear them when you're not at the gym? And where do you start?

If you're new to sneaker land and want to know exactly how to style them, then keep reading because I'm kicking off lesson #1: The dos and don'ts of wearing sneakers with jeans.


Show some ankle.

Yes, I'm aware that Gen Z has banned no-show socks and showing your ankles, but as someone who is close to 30, I'm not taking fashion advice from the youth. Showing a little ankle is a great way to create balance in an outfit, think cropped jeans with a pair of Adidas Sambas. It also lets the shoe shine, so perfect if your sneakers make a statement.


If your sneakers have a platform, wear longer-length jeans.

If you prefer a chunkier sole on your sneaker then you need to get yourself a pair of wide-leg, long jeans. There's something so edgy and street about your sneaker peaking out from underneath the hem of your oversized jeans. 

You can never go wrong with a rounded toe.

Every popular style of sneaker has one thing in common: They have a rounded toe. That's because, throughout the history of the sneaker, nothing has proven to be more flattering (and comfortable) than a round-toe. It goes with everything, while still providing ample wiggle room.



Wear running shoes with skinny jeans.

Listen, if this is your signature style, then by all means go for it. However, if you're just getting into sneakers and you love skinny jeans, then it's best to go with a more slim sneaker rather than a big and bulky running shoe. It just looks a lot more cohesive.

Wear baggy clothes from top-to-bottom.


Unless you're heading to the skate park, baggy clothes from top-to-bottom are a guaranteed way to make you look like you have no shape. Is it comfortable? Absolutely. Is it stylish? Not really. So think carefully about what you want to prioritise.

Pair high-top sneakers with cropped pants.

High-top sneakers look great with shorts, mini-skirts and even cargo pants. But when paired with cropped jeans, it can make your legs look shorter than they actually are. If you're wearing 3/4 jeans, then pick a shoe that shows the ankle, so it gives off the illusion of length.

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