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amandad May 15, 2024

Not only do most of them look like slippers, some of them actually are slippers...

amandad March 6, 2024

Just curious - what other shaped toe do sneakers come in besides round??

amandad August 8, 2023

@restingcatface 100% agree everything doesn't have to be gendered - that's my entire issue with this - that's its gendered... if you left the "girl" stereotypes out it might be funny.

amandad August 8, 2023

@restingcatface I might find it funny if it was called something else - "shopaholic maths"? But calling it girl maths perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

amandad August 8, 2023

I adore this concept; I think it taps deep into the female psyche and the beautiful kinship we share over terrible decision-making.
I don't adore this concept, it infantilises women, implies "girls" are bad at maths, defers our agency to someone else instead of owning our decisions and judgement. I don't feel a kinship of terrible decision-making, I am proud of both my maths and decision-making skills.
I love the idea of your average economist listening to any of this and falling into a dark pit of despair from which they may never emerge.
Are you implying the average economist is a "boy" here?

amandad August 7, 2023

I'm pretty disappointed in this article - so "normal" maths is for boys? It's just maths. And the point is that you don't think you need/deserve this stuff or you need someone's permission to buy it? If you want to justify it to yourself, fine, but men do the same thing. I guess they don't need to justify buying sensible man things...

amandad July 12, 2023

Looks like what I give my toddler for lunch on the weekend 😆

amandad May 16, 2023

When I had my son I was told the term "geriatric pregnancy" was not used any more - I had "AMA" written on all my medical reports, documents etc for "Advanced Maternal Age".