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missnellebelle September 24, 2021

As someone living in Melbourne lockdown, this isn’t helpful. We all miss everything but hearing how someone used a box dye and it wasn’t pretty or getting life from bennifer 2.0 seems incredibly privileged. 

missnellebelle September 20, 2021

Pretty sure michael vartan didn’t audition 116 years ago 

missnellebelle September 15, 2021

Yep I got it too and the previous one which is just ironic as I too have never received a political text message from any other party. This is what you do though when you are desperate and stupid 

missnellebelle August 30, 2021

Such a classic film 

missnellebelle August 29, 2021

Ronnie and Georgia aren’t any better. They obviously knew about the photo of the production board weeks before and didn’t say anything either but were also prepared to use it to their advantage until they got beaten and started with the sour grapes. 

missnellebelle August 27, 2021

Is Pete Evans pretending to be her? Same shit, different person. Count yourself lucky that you weren’t damaged mentally, financially or physically. Too many people have been including myself mentally. Also if you are all about a natural life- fresh air, sunlight and nothing unnatural, why would you put filler and other toxins in your body? Contradiction or what? She needs to stop talking and listen 

missnellebelle August 27, 2021

Oh Sharon, I’m so very sorry to read this. When I was younger I too had a miscarriage. I wasn’t far along but I knew what was happening and it broke the relationship I was in at the time. Had I had that baby, he or she would be over 10 years old now. I often wonder how different my life would have been. I don’t think much of it now, I do believe everything happens for a reason and I know I wasn’t meant to be a mum at that time. Fast forward, I’m still single and I have suspected endometriosis, I worry that I missed my only chance because now nobody wants me, being alone with these memories is hard and isolating. I have issues from endo that makes me wonder if I had it then and that was why. Not that it matters. It does take time to heal and move on, it never goes away. I’m also sorry about your experience on neighbours. I have loved the show most of my life and I loved your character, Dipi, and how you played her. I still miss your character. Thank you for sharing your story. This would not have been easy, I truly respect that.

missnellebelle August 16, 2021

And yet they all look bland and boring 

missnellebelle August 12, 2021

He may have been a pain to work with on Batman forever but it is still my personal favourite Batman film. He was fantastic in the role 

missnellebelle August 9, 2021

This resonated so deeply with me. All my adult life I have had a weight problem. It got to the point I was having other medical issues that required surgery but my specialist was genuinely concerned that the risk was too high considering my weight and at the hospital she works out of she wasn’t sure they’d have the right equipment given my weight. I’m glad she was upfront with me. She suggested meeting a bariatric surgeon and I followed up and decided to do this. In December last year I underwent gastric sleeve. I too had the psychology appointment first. I was steely in my resolve and it was the right reason as my health was suffering, it was the only reason. Vanity doesn’t bother, I’ve lived invisible for many years, single and being rejected. I became ok with that. I knew that was a problem. I weighed 158kg at my heaviest. I’m now a lot lighter although still a long way to go from healthy and my goal although my blood work looks healthier. I’d recommend the sleeve. I’m so glad I did it although it’s been hard with all the lockdowns and my mental health has been the lowest it’s been for most of my life. My mum who has a disability which causes pain and inability to walk for long periods or far (I’m her carer) as well as extreme swelling had a doctor once write her an “exercise prescription” which was absolutely disgusting. We had seen her to get a prescription repeat of narcotic patches for her (which she has been on as there is no cure or treatment they can do other than manage her pain for her condition). She didn’t

 want to agree to the repeat although 2 other doctors had agreed she needed it. She told mum to exercise more (which she can’t) and lose weight. It’s unfortunately sounding to be all too common. 

missnellebelle August 2, 2021

Imagine trying to defend headbutting someone by saying he should die by piercing his head with a lance....seems to me he himself has an active imagination. 

missnellebelle June 30, 2021

What a great beauty box! 

missnellebelle June 11, 2021

I don’t like scrubs! There you go! Or the good doctor 

missnellebelle May 23, 2021

My ex-fiancée broke off our engagement. He ended it and asked for the ring back while I was hysterical with grief. I never gave it back. As far as I was concerned, he broke the promise that the ring represented and so it was mine to keep. 

missnellebelle February 27, 2021

Loving Katie’s dress! 

missnellebelle January 23, 2021

Fascinating read! 

missnellebelle December 13, 2020

I’m personally keen for Nikki Webster to NOT be the bachelorette. I’d rather someone not “famous” have a chance 

missnellebelle October 30, 2020

Bring back Craig Ferguson. He was gold! And we aren’t in the longest war of all time...

missnellebelle October 30, 2020

Absolutely blown away that someone would argue over a button being undone in a it matters? You are listening to the voice, looking at his face, not at how his buttons are done up 

missnellebelle October 30, 2020

The gold dress was bad! It wasn’t her body that was the problem, it was the dress was ugly. And wardrobe should have put her in something better.