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missnellebelle June 10, 2024

Some of us never stopped using it, especially during COVID. What short memories we have 

missnellebelle May 21, 2024

The moral of the story? Don’t exploit your kids online. It’s one thing for you to be an “influencer” and have an online presence but you are a mature adult who understands the implications of that choice. Children do not and at this age can’t say don’t post that mummy. Share your kid online yes but do it privately and don’t expect to milk them for income. It’s something I find highly unethical and dangerous putting them at risk. Do better as a parent. 

missnellebelle April 2, 2024

Re Jack spending time in Melbourne at Christmas. Doubtful it was just for her or her family’s benefit as his invisible family apparently live here in Melbourne so let’s not paint it as a he’s changed moment either. 

missnellebelle March 6, 2024

The only rule is WEAR WHAT YOU WANT when you want and with whatever you want. 

missnellebelle February 27, 2024

It’s typical of Americans who fail to understand that there is a world out there beyond America. God forbid other countries should do anything vastly different 

missnellebelle November 5, 2023

Kristy and Brett were house 3 not 2 as you have in the listing of auction order

missnellebelle June 12, 2022

This just aired again after all these years and it’s just as horrifying as it was at the time. I researched where Rachelle is now and found she was admitted as a lawyer in 2019. I sure hope her attitude has changed and she is able to reflect on this interview with self insight. Having said that, I personally wouldn’t hire her even if she has changed. And I’m also a trained lawyer. I believe the fact she justified an abusers behaviour publicly repeatedly to not be becoming for someone within the legal fraternity. 

missnellebelle June 9, 2022

Please don’t think it’s the easy way out (and perpetuate this belief) as it most definitely isn’t. It’s psychologically extremely difficult because you are trying to change life long habits. You still will have guilt over what you are eating. I know this because I had the gastric sleeve in December 2020. I have lost just under 40kgs and I weighed 158kg at the start. I didn’t do it for any other reason than health as I was pre diabetic. I am no longer close to diabetes but I have worse food guilt than I’ve ever had in terms of sizes and what I’m eating because I’ve spent 20k on this surgery and if I do the wrong thing, I’m wasting that money. Everyone’s experience is different with it- I know people that have been extremely successful in losing heaps and others that have done everything right but still failed to lose much- I feel this way about myself. I urge you to definitely speak oto a psychologist (if you haven’t already) and continue to talk to them through the process because it’s hard and one of the hardest things when you are around many that have done it and will brag about how great they feel/how much they’ve lost is the toxic comparison. I too thought I was ok with my body before it but needed another unrelated surgery and they told me they couldn’t accomodate me at my weight I was equipment wise so it was worth Investigating. Issues inevitably will come up for you along the way. Ensure you have an amazing support network. Please be aware it’s not necessarily a quick solution and not going to fix everything but it will be worth it if difficult at times. And stuff what others say yes

missnellebelle June 3, 2022

I remember that the reason (or one very big one) that she didn’t tour was because she was afraid of flying 

missnellebelle March 20, 2022

My best friend in high school ghosted me. Unless it was me contacting her, I wouldn’t hear from her. It really just went away and I missed her. 

A few years ago I’d learnt her dad (who was a beautiful man I liked a lot) had passed away and I reached out to her. I sent flowers, wrote letters. And I understand that it was a terrible time for her, I didn’t expect anything too soon but I had hoped she would eventually reach out. She did just to say thank you and that was it. I still have no idea what I did or said that made her ghost me but I’d love to know- even all these years later. 

missnellebelle February 18, 2022

My mum who has a disability and is overweight, saw a doctor (not our regular) and despite being able to see on her records about her disability (we were there for analgesic patches) who wrote her a literal “exercise prescription”. She could barely walk and can’t walk now really so this was ridiculous. I’ve personally been told I needed exploratory surgery but they weren’t sure they had equipment that could handle my size/weight. 

missnellebelle January 21, 2022

Wow wife number 4 was delusional but then it must be hard thinking she had married a murderer who would probably begin to poison her too 

missnellebelle December 28, 2021

Definitely checking these out 

missnellebelle December 28, 2021

Sure run to god instead of the fridge....yep one issue to another....I’d rather be fat and in love with my fridge than look like her or be a religious cult leader. 

missnellebelle December 5, 2021

I’m so sorry you were treated as the problem here. You absolutely weren’t. And I’m glad you realise that. I’m also glad you are proud of yourself; what you did was incredibly important as most victims don’t come forward. I’m also glad the law was finally changed as a result. Don’t know how it was ever that way anyway 

missnellebelle December 4, 2021

Or it’s not big that dies but Stanford as willie Garson died during production and Carrie would take it hard (as SJP and the cast and crew did). 

missnellebelle December 4, 2021

I’m so glad her sister finally got some closure although it’s hard that they’re already gone 

missnellebelle December 2, 2021

As someone that has never been religious, the same questions have always bothered me. And then I’d think if there was a god who existed why did he/she/they give us technology to help people really be who they are? Give us means to celebrate us if what we were doing was a sin from the never made sense to me 

missnellebelle November 12, 2021

RIP Bert. All the love to Patti, Lauren, Matthew, Matt and the grandkids 

what a beautiful last photo to have 

missnellebelle September 24, 2021

As someone living in Melbourne lockdown, this isn’t helpful. We all miss everything but hearing how someone used a box dye and it wasn’t pretty or getting life from bennifer 2.0 seems incredibly privileged.