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missnellebelle June 30, 2021

What a great beauty box! 

missnellebelle June 11, 2021

I don’t like scrubs! There you go! Or the good doctor 

missnellebelle May 23, 2021

My ex-fiancée broke off our engagement. He ended it and asked for the ring back while I was hysterical with grief. I never gave it back. As far as I was concerned, he broke the promise that the ring represented and so it was mine to keep. 

missnellebelle February 27, 2021

Loving Katie’s dress! 

missnellebelle January 23, 2021

Fascinating read! 

missnellebelle December 13, 2020

I’m personally keen for Nikki Webster to NOT be the bachelorette. I’d rather someone not “famous” have a chance 

missnellebelle October 30, 2020

Bring back Craig Ferguson. He was gold! And we aren’t in the longest war of all time...

missnellebelle October 30, 2020

Absolutely blown away that someone would argue over a button being undone in a it matters? You are listening to the voice, looking at his face, not at how his buttons are done up 

missnellebelle October 30, 2020

The gold dress was bad! It wasn’t her body that was the problem, it was the dress was ugly. And wardrobe should have put her in something better. 

missnellebelle October 30, 2020

@sagegal  both Reece Mastin and Johnny Ruffo were on the X factor, not idol. 

missnellebelle October 20, 2020

Disgraceful rewarding her for her poor behaviour 

missnellebelle October 16, 2020

Nope, feta is the hero! 

missnellebelle October 16, 2020

@rush I was in the same situation. Guarantee they didn’t care when they removed my photo which was up there for breast cancer and breast check awareness. 

missnellebelle October 16, 2020

I’m not surprised! I posted a few years back a black and white photo of myself covering my naked breasts. You saw a slight curve but nothing vital. And I did it for a challenge to raise awareness about breast checks and breast cancer. They let it be there for years but then removed it for nudity. I’m still confused as to why that was removed but they have spam accounts of nude chicks looking for sex...

missnellebelle September 8, 2020

These stories always freak me out 

missnellebelle September 8, 2020

Wow he looks completely different! I had no idea that was him! I remember watching blast from the past and bedazzled in my teens and loving them. 

missnellebelle September 7, 2020

Well I won’t be watching. You don’t reward bad behaviour 

missnellebelle August 30, 2020

Get some help Pete and mind your own business....

missnellebelle August 7, 2020

They can blame it on editing but you say what you say Says Alex yet here he was having a comment about editing being not the true reality. So which way is it?

missnellebelle August 7, 2020

If they were getting engaged, he’s putting the ring on the wrong finger....