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missnellebelle June 16, 2020

What a brave child she was. 

missnellebelle June 16, 2020

Like animals, this poor child has been passed on and abandoned. Worse still is the fact that unlike pets who don’t understand, this poor boy will. She adopted him knowing he was a special needs child which it sounds like she wanted to exploit no doubt. I’ve heard of animals that are treated better. I feel for her other kids. What happens when they aren’t post worthy or do what she wants anymore? Does she “dump” them too onto someone else? 

missnellebelle June 9, 2020

This whole post is about reality tv celebrity clingers....

missnellebelle May 31, 2020

Blows my mind to think this began 27 years ago! Loved this show, still love it when I watch reruns 

missnellebelle May 30, 2020

The question of a lack of diversity is not something we accept either. I know I (and others online) questioned it regularly during this season and previous (and this season especially when you have like 5 variants of the same looking woman). As for the having kids thing, should single parents not have the chance to do it and possibly find love? Bit unfair if the answer is yes. Nobody forces people to apply, pretty sure the single parents that go into it think about the impact on their kids, most don’t even appear in the process. But also they are looking at it from the perspective that people on their version literally do get legally married, ours don’t. Not really the same thing: frankly I think it’s bonkers that it’s actually a legal marriage over there On their version. 

missnellebelle May 20, 2020

Can’t believe it was released nearly 20 years ago! This film inspired my life in a big way as I was told I wasn’t smart enough for law school too. Like Elle woods, I proved them wrong. Luke Wilson is still a handsome man 

missnellebelle May 20, 2020

The dude in the back of Jlo’s picture looks like he has a hand over his mouth, not a mask....super creepy. Would not have noticed it had it not been mentioned 

missnellebelle May 19, 2020

No matter how Laura tries to spin it, it’s clear there is an element of favouritism from Jock. I had thought Andy might have favouritism for his best mate Ben at the start but he showed very little. As for FiFi, I totally understand how she feels being a constant victim of fat shaming however in her case, I’d wear it as a sign of pride that her body produced two amazing young girls that will be incredible women. You do you fifi 

missnellebelle May 19, 2020

Channing Tatum is back on the market??? Happy day! Meanwhile Mary Kate olsen has got herself into a giant mess there. Wish I could say it was surprising 

missnellebelle May 19, 2020

I find it hard to believe that these siblings all say they aren’t jealous of their more famous sibiling (Danni Minogue especially). You can be supportive and proud of them but it’s absolute human nature to also be jealous at the same time. Why wouldn’t they?! 

missnellebelle May 17, 2020

Woman wears a long sleeved slub jumper and everyone speculates she’s hiding an engagement ring! 🤦🏼‍♀️

missnellebelle May 15, 2020

If you don’t want your photos ending up out there like this, keep your settings to private. That simple.

missnellebelle May 14, 2020

Best night ever of Masterchef

missnellebelle May 13, 2020

Wonderful news! Congratulations to them! That will be one lucky little baby

missnellebelle May 11, 2020

Can’t believe this was 20 years ago! I knew peter Gallagher from while you were that film. And Susan May Pratt from 10 things I hate about you!

missnellebelle May 7, 2020

Seriously? What did I just read?

missnellebelle May 5, 2020

I still have no idea who daisy Edgar Jones is....

missnellebelle May 5, 2020

Mae day!

missnellebelle May 5, 2020

Apparently KC is also selling her wedding dress (from MAFS).

missnellebelle May 5, 2020

The whole concept of twilight began from a dream stephenie Meyer apparently had. If you keep that in mind, it all makes sense. It’s a fantasy. Nothing more

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