Skye Wheatley just shared exactly what going into labour is like in a candid new video.


If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse into what it’s like to go into labour, new mum Skye Wheatley has just done you a solid.

The former Big Brother star recorded the lead-up to the birth of her son Forest Van Waugh on Christmas Eve, her first child with partner Lachlan Waugh.

It looked… painful.

Posted on Wednesday, the 24-year-old documented the hours leading up to the birth, starting in her Gold Coast home, where she described her contractions as feeling like “poo pain” and pleaded for the baby to “hurry up”.

The video blog was an insight into each stage of labour. Image: Youtube.

Towards the beginning of the video, she confessed she was feeling "really flustered and overwhelmed", saying: "I'm going to freak the f**k out if [the contractions] get any worse."

(Spoiler alert - they did).

She then tried to induce labour by jumping on a mini trampoline, before heading to hospital - applying a slather of tinted moisturiser in the car park - a mark of a truly dedicated Instagram model.

As the video continues in her hospital room, her contractions begin to intensify, and she can be heard desperately calling out for gas (nitrous oxide) to relieve the pain.

Check out the full video (if you're not afraid it will persuade you not to have kids, that is) below:

While the actual birth wasn't recorded (thank you, honestly), Skye did share footage of her tiny son wrapped in a blanket shortly afterwards, and he is nothing short of adorable.

Skye confirmed Forest's birth in a cheeky Instagram post last week.

"Hey lovers! Sorry I’ve been M.I.A just casually pushed a baby out ma clacker. [It was the] most rewarding, intense, and wonderful experience of my entire life," she wrote.


"We couldn't be more in love. Everyone, meet Forest Van Waugh."

Since the Christmas Eve birth, fans have been treated to a steady stream of photos of videos of the newborn, as well as insights into what life is like as a new mum, on Instagram.