Skye Wheatley has shared some candid insights into exactly what it's like to be a new mum.

Former Big Brother star Skye Wheatley welcomed a baby boy with partner Lachlan Waugh on Christmas Eve – and already she is sharing details of her new mum experience on Instagram.

The 24-year-old shared photos of the birth and of her first moments with her son on Tuesday, writing, “Everyone meet Forest Van Waugh. 8lb 9oz born on the 24:12:18 at 16:55pm…I got the best Christmas present of all time.”

The following day, on Wednesday, Wheatley proudly shared an Instagram story of her post-pregnancy body in her bathroom, with the caption: “Bod update.”

“This is what mum life really really looks like”.

The story was a photo of Wheatley in maternity underwear; “breast feeding bra, popped belly button, hospital undies, giant maternity pad.”

Wheatley added that her ‘new-mum look’ came complete with “swollen eyes”.

Image: Instagram

Wheatley has also shared other photos of adorable little Forest, in his crib by the Christmas tree, and buckled in safely on his first car trip.

Just seven hours ago, the proud mum added a photo of herself in bed, to her Instagram stories, reassuring other mums, "I know I look tired but it's honestly not even bad, I don't know why people try and worry you!"

Explaining that she was "soooo stressed" she wouldn't get enough sleep, Wheatley said she feels "totally fine" and is "taking in every moment."

Obviously embracing her new role, Wheatley also wrote;

"Being a mum is honestly the best thing I've ever experienced."

Image: Instagram

Wheatley announced her pregnancy in June of this year, with a photo of herself and Lachlan. The couple have been together since November, 2017.

“Couldn’t think of anything better than starting a family with this handsome man,” she wrote at the time.