From over $1000 to under $20: 21 women share exactly how much money they spend on skincare.


Us humans are inherently nosy, aren’t we? Especially when it comes to money.

Come on, we all want to know what other people are spending their money on, how much they have in the bank, what salaries they’re on and how much debt they’re in. Not because we need to know, but because it’s how we figure out if we’re doing alright with our own cash.

One aspect of budgeting we’re really curious about is: how much money women are spending on skincare. After surveying more than 200 women from the Mamamia You Beauty Facebook group, we’ve realised no two beauty cupboards are the same.

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Some bathroom cabinets are filled with half-used bottles collecting dust on the top shelf. Or packed with lotions and creams threatening to smash onto the floor at any moment. Others are tightly edited to only contain the essentials, or they’re mostly bare, bar one or two luxurious products that bring joy every time you get a whiff of the scent.

From spending less than a $50 note on beauty products in supermarket aisles, to investing more than a fortnight’s rent on treatments in the pursuit of looking and feeling good, here’s exactly how much 21 Aussie women are spending on skincare.


To be clear, it’s your money (and your face!), so no judgement whatsoever on how much or how little you like spending.

Settle in, because this is a very pervy read.

Amy, $536.

My morning and evening routine is exactly the same – a $68 cleanser (I know), an $80 serum and a $68 moisturiser. I also get a $280 facial treatment with a chemical peel, extractions and light therapy when I can afford it or when my skin has gone to sh*t (so every three to four months), and $40 worth of waxing and tinting for my blonde lashes and brows. For years, I used only Cetaphil products because I was scared of putting anything too hardcore on my face, but I was getting a lot of pimples and congestion from my skin being dehydrated, and I’m happy to make the investment for products that work.

Dominique, $450.

I spend $150 on my everyday products, but I get skin needling once every three months which costs $300 per session. I save money on cleanser because it’s not on for very long, but I invest in my moisturiser (Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream) because I have combination acne prone skin and it’s a real struggle finding something that hydrates but doesn’t clog my pores. I’m not exactly happy with how much I’ve spent on skincare in the past, because I’ve had to spend so much money on wasted products that haven’t worked on my skin.

Allison, $80.

I don’t spend more than $30 on any product. I find if you spend a little time reading ingredients, you can find good products for less. I love jojoba oil, Ecostore Night Cream and Mario Badesco Drying Lotion. I research all of my products for months to find the best value item before I buy, then use them up.

"I'm happy to make the investment for products that work." Image: Unsplash.

Sjaala, $532.

I think I balance out the value for money products with some spendys where I need them, and I'm happy with the results. I get micropen needling for $275 once every three months and a $200 facial every six months. My vitamin C serum is expensive, but I buy my retinol cream from an overseas pharmacy for around $17 a tube, and I keep cleansers simple and cheap. I spend money on good jojoba oil and a good eye cream because I have dark bags, and I'm about in invest in a dermaroller to save money on salon treatments.


Sam, $50.

I live in a rural area so don't have many places to buy skincare. I am really loving the Voeu products from Woolies – so cheap and they work well for my skin. None of my products are really too expensive and most come from the supermarket. The most expensive product I use is a NIVEA day cream with SPF 30, it's light, non-greasy and goes on well under my foundation. I've had a facial a few times, they cost $100 but most were gifted through vouchers.

Monique, $850 - $950.

For me, the price, to an extent, doesn't matter. I'll pay for a product that delivers results for me. If it delivers, I'm happy. Even if I've spent $5 or over $200. The main thing I will always invest in my moisturiser, the Dr Sturm Face Cream. The right one makes such a difference to my skin. I'm getting skin needling in a course of three for $120 each, and monthly facials which are between $180 and $280. I save on Bioderma micellar water by always buying when it's on sale. But I don't really think about the money I'm spending on skincare. I've gone through the bad skin stage and always struggled with acne, so it's just something I do.

Gemma, $20.

I use Voeu products from Woolworths. They work and are cheap. I also just use water to cleanse. I do spend on my eyebrows, I get them done once every six to eight weeks. I also get a facial once a year as a treat. I can't spend more right now as we're a single income family with two young kids, but one day, I'll have more to spend.

Phoebe, $1,320.

I mostly use La Mer moisturiser and Drunk Elephant products, but I save on Simple Micellar Water and pharmacy rose water. I believe investing in my skincare will keep my skin healthier and more youthful in the long run.


Amy, $327.

I am 33 and terrified about eye wrinkles creeping in, so my most expensive product is the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye, $105. I save money on my toner and moisturisers (under $15), and get a facial every month for $80. I research what I use and I stick with things that work for me. I know I could be spending a lot more on skincare and so I justify the few spendy products I do have that way. Plus, if I'm good with my skin, I won't need Botox or fillers and that is a saving... right?!

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Anna, $82.

My tastes have become expensive and I struggle not to buy things when I'm at Mecca, but the older I get, the more I can justify spending money on skincare to myself as being preventative. My most expensive product is a moisturiser, the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Day Cream, and I save on micellar water and face oil as there are heaps of effective savey options out there that do a great job.

Celeste, $250-300.

I am happy with what I spend on skincare. I work hard and I think looking after yourself should be second to none. A happy me works harder, feels better and is nicer to live with! I invest in treatments: $400 on Botox quarterly, $500 on lip filler every six months, $50 skin peels monthly, $500 on microblading annually, and $60 on Henna eyebrows each month. It makes me feel better about myself.

Laura, over $700.

I save more on makeup such as eyeshadow etc. so I can splurge a little more on skincare. I spend the most on serum, moisturiser and eye cream. I get Botox every five months for around $350, $120 facials monthly and $250 DKM enzyme treatments monthly. Of course, I would want to save money if there were options that worked for, but trying to have good skin and slow the ageing process comes first.


Elly, $85.

I use all The Ordinary products and have quite an elaborate (and successful) routine so I save money on all of it by investing in knowledge and research to understand their products. I get laser hair removal on my face every two months for about $40, and my most expensive beauty buy is the Skinskitut Glycolic Scrub, $37. My skin looks the best it ever has and I'm spending the least I ever have. Go figure!

Jean, $80.

I would say most of my skincare products are saveys as they all come in under $30! This includes Bio Oil, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Cream and Glow Lab Serum. I simply can't afford to spend money on higher end skincare products. I'm a student, so Weleda Skin Food is my most expensive buy, I love it because of it's multipurpose. I love everything I use, but what I see on Instagram is the higher end products, so I do feel a bit left out in that sense.

Jennifer, under $200.

I don't spend much on at-home products, but treatments are a part of my 'me time'. I get one or two laser pigmentation treatments per year, laser rejuvenation once or twice per year, microdermabrasion and peels one to three times per quarter. I work hard and don't waste my money on frivolous things. As I'm getting brilliant results, on average, people think I'm about 30. I'm 47.

Bel, $1,000.

I use all the products from the Tatcha range. They're incredible products, but expensive. I also get a massage or facial each month for $120. I feel guilty about how much I'm spending, I think I should spend less.

"I work hard and I think looking after yourself is paramount." Image: Getty.

Aleisha, $60.

Go-To Face Hero is the most expensive skincare product I use. I'm fine with what I spend on skincare because it's what I can afford and the results are good.

Sophie, $912.

My splurge products are the Clarisonic Mia Fit, $350, and the Drunk Elephant Babyfacial, $130. I started seeing results very quickly and my skin has never looked so clear. I also invest in anti-wrinkle injections for my frown lines, which is $120 every 16 weeks, and skin needling, which is $120 every eight weeks.


Caitlin, $400.

Having to add all my skincare purchases up has made me a little bit anxious. I use the Verso Night Cream, which is incredible, but the price tag is eye-watering at $160 a bottle. I get an enzyme facial once every two to three months for $180, light therapy every couple of months for between $50 and $100, Botox once every three to four months for $160, and filler every six to nine months for $1200. I save on The Ordinary serums as they're quick and you can pick them up from Priceline. I also love any pharmacy face wipes to take that first layer of makeup off every night. I'd always love to spend less, but I space my purchases out so I don't get the bill shock.

Sarah, $165.

I'm fine with what I spend but wish I could afford more treatments, I get microneedling four times a year for $800. I save on cleanser and use Cetaphil or micellar water, and the Nip & Fab Glycolic Pads are a great chemical exfoliant. I also spend on face sunscreen since it seems like there is a big difference in quality for the price.

Sophie, $300.

I spend on serums but save on cleanser because I feel like I'm washing it off so it shouldn't be too expensive. I also use masks regularly, so that helps keep my skin clear (I think). I could probably spend less, but I had horrible acne for a while and I've finally found a routine I trust, so I'm sticking with it no matter how much it costs.

How much money do you spend on your skincare routine, and why? Tell us in the comments below or come join in the chat in the You Beauty Facebook group.

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