The beauty expert-approved makeup hacks to shake up your everyday face.

When you finally figure out your everyday makeup look, it's easy to stick with it.

Because mornings are rushed and time is fleeting, we'll generally reach for the products that we know do the trick. Right?

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But sometimes it's nice to shake things up.

These four women from Mamamia's You Beauty Collective (myself included) each have a quick hack to change up your everyday face. Think something simple that you can incorporate into your morning routine, or add to your face later before you head out for the night.


My makeup is the same every day, almost without fail. But there are days when my outfit might be more simple than usual or I just feel like spicing things up.

When I do feel like that, I reach for my colourful eyeshadow. Now, let me preface: I'm not a super colourful gal. My wardrobe mainly consists of neutrals, black, black and black. Because I love those colours on me. So, when I reach for colour to add a lil' something to my makeup, they aren't super daring choices. 


I love eyeshadow quads. They contain four colours that all work perfectly together. So if I feel like adding something fun to my face in the morning, I'll work my way through the quad adding all four colours to my eye. 

The same applies if I want to add those colours after work for a night out. I'll generally just be wearing bronzer on my lids during the day, so I'll add all four colours and boom; you've got a whole new eye look.

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Here I've used the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Mesmerising Maroon. It's got the perfect warm pink and purple to make my eyes pop. I'll grab their The Rebel palette (which has the prettiest olive colours) sometimes too. 

Easy to apply and super fun to spice up a simple eye!


If you're anything like me then you LOVE a sleep in (let's face it, my bed is basically my best friend) butttt whilst I love hitting snooze on my iPhone 30 odd times, I also want to look effortlessly put together, because you know... I'm almost 30. 

Enter: Using blush as eyeshadow. 

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It might seem counterintuitive because most blush shades have an undertone of pink or coral and I get it, we don't want to look like we have pink-eye, but hear me out. Blush, in general, is designed to give life back to the face, and it does the same for your eyes. 

Plus, using the same blush on your eyes as your cheeks gives you that monochromatic look, which screams feminine, sexy and cool-girl vibes all rolled into one.

So, next time you're applying your blush, grab a flat or fluffy blush and add a wash of colour onto your lids. If you want to take it to the next level, swirl your bronzer along the crease line, and pop a bit of highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes for that sun-kissed look. The best part? It doesn't matter if you use powder or cream blushes. I use this hack (almost daily) with both textures.

Tip: If you've got green or brown eyes, opt for corals and peach tones to bring out the natural warmth of your complexion. And for my blue-eyed beauties, go for cool pink shades to create soft intensity. 


If I’m ever in doubt, I go for a statement lip! Red and coral tones are my go-to.

I keep one in my handbag at all times just I case I need to spruce up my look last minute. Hair back in a low bun, big mascara, bright lip, and ready to party!


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I love mixing up my makeup look by applying cream blush (peachy hues are the bomb, because they look great on all skin types) to the apples of my cheeks, eyelids and lips for a monochromatic kind of look. 

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It's a super easy (and quick) way to mix up my usual neutral/brown eyeshadow game, and I find that it pulls everything together and makes my makeup look fresh and glowy. I like to add a little bit of cream highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes to finish.

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