If you've finished watching Anatomy of a Scandal, here are 10 binge-worthy TV shows to watch next.

If you ask anyone what they're watching right now, chances are someone will mention Anatomy of a Scandal.

The six-episode limited series, which premiered on Netflix earlier this month, follows the story of British MP James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend) and his wife Sophie (Sienna Miller) as their life unravels when a sexual assault scandal becomes public.

Based on Sarah Vaughan's bestselling book of the same name, the psychological thriller questions consent, privilege, and the secrets we all carry. 

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If you've finished the show already, chances are you're looking for something just as gripping to devour next.

From long-running TV shows to limited series, here are 10 shows to watch after Anatomy of a Scandal.

Big Little Lies

Image: HBO. 


Created by the man behind Anatomy of a Scandal, David E. Kelley, and an adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s bestselling book of the same name, Big Little Lies stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley as seemingly perfect suburban mums who become embroiled in a murder.

The show, which has two seasons, is twisty and thrilling, and if you still haven't seen it, we highly recommend.

Where to watch it: Binge.


Image: Netflix. 


Based on true events, Unbelievable follows the story of an American teenager, Marie (Kaitlyn Dever), who reports being raped and is later charged with filing a false report. 

Three years later, two female detectives (Merritt Wever and Toni Colette) begin investigating a string of assaults with clear similarities to one another, including Marie's.

The eight-episode series is a harrowing look into how women can be treated when reporting sexual assault. 

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Where to watch it: Netflix.


The Undoing

Image: HBO. 

Arguably one of David E. Kelley's best shows, The Undoing is the type of psychological thriller that'll keep you guessing until the very last episode.

The "whodunnit" series follows the life of Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman), a successful psychologist living in Manhattan with her oncologist husband, Jonathan (Hugh Grant) and their son, Henry (Noah Jupe).

As the series progresses, the couple's seemingly perfect marriage falls under pressure when Grace and Jonathan suddenly become involved with the highly publicised murder of Elena Alves (Matila De Angelis).


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Where to watch it: Binge.


Image: Stan. 

If you're looking for another British drama about a public fallout of sexual assault, watch Liar.


It follows teacher Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt), who is set up on a date with recently widowed surgeon Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) after breaking up with her boyfriend. 

Through hazy, half-snatched memories, Laura accuses Andrew of raping her and the two are soon locked in a deadly game of he said/she said. 

Where to watch it: Stan.

A Teacher

Image: Foxtel. 


Created by Hannah Fidell and based on her film of the same name, A Teacher delves into an illegal sexual relationship between English teacher Claire Wilson (Kate Mara) and her 17-year-old student, Eric Walker (Nick Robinson).

The compelling yet deeply disturbing 10-part series is a must-watch if you liked Anatomy of a Scandal.

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Where to watch it: Binge.

The Affair

Image: Amazon Prime. 


Starring Ruth Wilson, Joshua Jackson and Dominic West, The Affair is the complex drama that keeps you wanting more.

As the title suggests, it centres around a grieving waitress, Alison (Wilson), who starts an affair with Noah (West), an accomplished teacher and budding novelist. The repercussions of their affair begin to destabilise their respective marriages.

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime.

Behind Her Eyes

Image: Netflix. 


Behind Her Eyes is one of those TV shows that you'll be thinking about for days afterwards.

The six-part limited series follows the story of a single mother who gets caught up in an affair with her psychiatrist boss, while forming an unlikely friendship with his mysterious wife.

Based on Sarah Pinborough's novel of the same name, the psychological thriller is chilling and completely unpredictable.

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Where to watch it: Netflix.

I May Destroy You

Image: HBO. 


I May Destroy You is a fictionalised version of creator and star Michaela Coel's own experience with sexual assault. 

In episode one, the show's heroine Arabella Essiedu (played by Coel) is drugged and sexually assaulted at a bar. She spends most of the 12-episode season unable to remember the night in question and attempting to put together the pieces of the puzzle to bring her assailant to justice.

The series is a gritty, searingly honest look at sexual assault, consent, and how we process our past traumas. 

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Where to watch it: Binge.


Image: Disney+. 


A little less intense but just as scandalous (as the name suggests), Scandal stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a political fixer who runs her own crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear.

Created by Shonda Rhimes (the woman behind Grey's Anatomy and Bridgerton), the seven-season political thriller is entertaining, gripping and steamy - as Pope is also having an affair with the President of the United States (Tony Goldwyn).

Where to watch it: Disney+.

Sex Education

Image: Netflix. 


Another lighter option that's still similar to Anatomy of Scandal is Sex Education.

The comedy-drama series focuses on the story of Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) a teenage boy who uses his sex-therapist mother (Gillian Anderson) Jean's expertise to become the school's adviser in an underground sex clinic. 

As the show goes on, it tackles deeper topics around sexual harassment, but always done in a light, comedic way to avert discomfort.

Where to watch it: Netflix.

Feature image: Netflix.

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