A very important investigation into what people are taking out in those tiny bags.

Back in 2019, Lizzo introduced us to the tiny bag at the American Music Awards, and for a moment there, we all laughed it off as a passing joke.

I mean, this Valentino bag was miniscule. I thought it might've been an Airpods case on first glance... but it stole the show, and a seed was planted. 

Previously a luxury piece reserved for the rich and famous at fashion shows, the micro bag had our attention. It'd just take a couple more years for it to reach our wardrobes.  

Remember this? Image: Getty.

Originally put on the fashion map by French fashion label Jacquemus in 2018, the cult tiny bag quickly took off in celeb circles - A-list celebrities from Rihanna to Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have since donned them at events.

And if we know one thing to be true, it's that what badgalriri says, goes.


Emily Ratajkowski at the Jacquemus Spring Summer 2020 show. Image: Getty.


Are they practical? F**k no. They don't fit a phone. It's insane, and that's what makes it so good.

A tiny bag is not a carry-all. It's a statement.

Wearers of the mini bag have to strip back to the bare essentials or less, and you've got to be at least a little impressed by their lack of care for material possessions. 


(We can see how ironic that is, given they're often holding a bag that costs more than the average person makes in a week.)

They're an embodied oxymoron and aren't all the best fashion - or, dare I say it - art pieces?

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Okay, so what are people actually putting in these tiny bags?

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the video Lizzo posted where she shared what she keeps in her tiny bag... you know the one:

... It was a joke. I can assure you the barbie-sized bag would not fit a bottle of wine. No matter how small it was.

But hey, don't be discouraged just yet! 

You could put (almost) anything else in it, from: 

  • Approximately 23 tic-tacs, to
  • 1.5 regular tampons
  • Your AirPods (minus the case)
  • A pair of earrings (preferably studs)  
  • Four pieces of Extra Gum (without the packaging, of course)
  • Your house key, and
  • A condom. Maybe even two.

Just not all at once. Don't be ridiculous.


Uh, where can I get one right now, please?

So you're ready to make the ultimate fashion statement. 

For a micro-bag in it's truest sense (with an eye-watering price to go with it), take a look at: 

JACQUEMUS Le Chiquito Mini in Blac k, $706.

Image: Jacquemus

... Something more affordable pls?

Pretty Little Thing pink mini envelope gold chain grab bag, $38.

Image: PLT.


Pretty Little Thing toffee pu mini grab bag, $48.

Image: PLT.

For a touch of practicality (A.K.A. added space for a phone and keys) check out:

Guess Little Bay Shoulder Bag, $129.

Image: Myer.


Glassons Faux Leather Croc Mini Shoulder Bag, $29.99. 

Image: Glassons

Cotton On Amy Mini Shoulder Bag, $24.99.

Image: Cotton On

Feature Image: Getty / Instagram @beyonce / Mamamia

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