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grumpier monster June 29, 2024

It sometimes feels like there’s no feedback loop for doctors. All the doctors who missed the diagnosis won’t automatically be told that they were mistaken for disbelieving the pain. They told the patient it was psychosomatic and she went away so, as far as they know, they were right. I’m not saying the patient should take on the load of making a formal complaint or suing. But the doctors should be told. 

grumpier monster June 25, 2024

I don’t understand why the porn industry isn’t required to issue warnings about anything that is potentially illegal and/or dangerous. Maybe it would be genuinely educational if it did. 

grumpier monster May 30, 2024

Thanks for sharing this. I’m not vain but I rarely look in a mirror because I hate how I look. It doesn’t sit well with me that I’m like this and it’s good to see I’m not alone. 

grumpier monster May 27, 2024

As an 18 yo in 1988, I read The Motherhood Myth by Shirley Radl (1974). I found it helpful as I’d never wanted kids. I changed my mind when I was 30 and having an existential crisis but it could have gone either way. 

grumpier monster May 14, 2024

Worrying when it doesn’t and can’t change anything is a self indulgence. Get it together. You’re MID now- you don’t give a flying F about what others think. Embrace your limitations. 

grumpier monster February 1, 2024

Glossy dark floating floors. They show all the dust plus every smudge, including footprints. 

grumpier monster January 31, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552 if half to three quarters of the people planning to be child free are doing it because of personal preferences, that’s fine. But the other 25-50% might be persuaded to change their mind if they were properly supported. We should support the second group. 

grumpier monster January 22, 2024

I expected you to take out all the optional non-school items (like tutoring and spending nearly $800 every year on a new laptop). 

grumpier monster January 18, 2024

I'm not sure going for a walk constitutes "play". Isn't "play" usually playful? Singing a song at the top of your lungs. Dancing a silly dance. A pillow fight. Pretending to be a superhero or an animal.  Anything that makes you laugh and stop taking the world so seriously. 

grumpier monster January 17, 2024

I thought the news about King Charles was to deflect some of the unwanted attention off Princess Kate. Not jealousy so much as protection. 

grumpier monster January 11, 2024

My parents bought a property in QLD and the one of the sellers died before settlement. My parents had sold their house in Victoria and started the move when they got the news that settlement couldn’t go through for a few months until the will was finalised. Luckily they were allowed to rent the property. $10k out of pocket. 

grumpier monster December 29, 2023

Lattes should be served in a glass. 

grumpier monster November 28, 2023

I can imagine that some Mum’s groups are toxic sometimes. People are tired and insecure- of course they’re sometimes going to be judgey in their comments. I belonged to 2 and valued both though I lost contact with many of the families when I left the city. I’m still friends with 3 and our kids are in their 20s.

grumpier monster November 1, 2023

The difference between men and women. Men make time for exercise and women try to find time to do it. Embrace your inner man. Make time. (I used to go for a 1 hour walk with the dog every night after dinner.  I came back just in time for kiss and story for 2 pre-schoolers.) 

grumpier monster October 1, 2023

My family and in-laws lived interstate. I expected them to babysit when we saw each other. Usually it would be for an hour or so whilst I ran errands. 

grumpier monster September 8, 2023

In my experience of making friends, people are time and energy poor. They want people who don’t require much attention. So a friendly smile and greeting is fine for a first step. A couple of minutes chit chat is ok while they’re doing other things (eg waiting for kids). But if you want more than that you’ll have to prove that you can lighten their load and not add to it. Socialising adds to their load. 

grumpier monster August 22, 2023

Big light shunner. I suffer from visual snow syndrome. It always feels like big light makes it worse. 

grumpier monster August 17, 2023

I worked in a shop. Some days I only did 2.5 hours work. The shop stayed open all day regardless. I’ve also heard anaesthetists only work 30minutes in a surgery that lasts hours if nothing goes wrong. 

Raising kids is like that. Quick and easy if nothing goes wrong. 

grumpier monster August 14, 2023

I kept my maiden name and gave the kids their father’s surname but my husband and I were very disappointed that we didn’t know we could give our kids a new surname. We definitely would’ve done it. 

grumpier monster August 10, 2023

I got the same information from Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. it was a lightbulb moment for me. Although my biggest takeaway was that men want to be the knight in shining armour. Show them the dragon and trust that they’ll slay it without advice. (This means if I want a Valentines gift, I tell him what I want. I don’t hint or micromanage.)