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grumpier monster January 23, 2022

I wish it was a two day holiday. Indigenous Day on the 25th January, celebrating 80,000 years of Indigenous history with the 26th (also a public holiday) starting sombrely with a white Australian history morning, and from noon we celebrate multi-cultural Australia with a gigantic belated official welcome to country evening event. Of course the welcome to country event can't occur until there is a treaty and the Uluru statement from the heart is adopted as policy.

grumpier monster January 20, 2022

You’re asking for the Premier to bring in capacity limits, face masks etc so that the borders can open. When the case numbers inevitably explode because over 320000 eligible people aren’t vaccinated, all non-critical surgery will be delayed indefinitely leaving people scared and in pain. That’s what you want?

grumpier monster January 16, 2022

The English Patient dragged worse than anything. 

grumpier monster January 14, 2022

Thanks for this. It helps a lot. 

grumpier monster January 13, 2022

Surely the lesson you should be learning is that you feel insecure in your partner's affections. It has led to jealousy, rage, and hurt feelings as well as showing your partner that you don't quite trust him. 

grumpier monster January 13, 2022

I hope things improve for you soon. Most people are listening to you. 

grumpier monster January 13, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552, even in the early days of the first European outbreak, they eventually locked down and brought down the case numbers. They just opened back up before they reached zero because it was too hard, too expensive, and too unpopular to persevere with once the 'crisis' was 'over'. 

grumpier monster January 10, 2022

I’m enraged by all the other rich nations that chose not to eradicate covid in April 2020 because it was too hard, unpopular, or expensive. 

grumpier monster January 6, 2022

The time wasn't wasted. A large section of society was vaccinated in that time.
I hope you feel better soon and I hope all of the people you listed are fine. Take care. There's nothing else to be done now.

grumpier monster January 4, 2022

Will millions get omicron before March? Can icu cope with that? How much Delta is circulating? Clearly the number dying from Covid is going to be higher than the flu. 

grumpier monster January 3, 2022

In 1990 a friend told me owning a house is like ripping up $100 notes. 

grumpier monster December 30, 2021

I hope lots of people read this and heed the warning. 

grumpier monster December 30, 2021

@simple simon, I always loved the fathers who never did their half of childcare and then, when their fed-up wives divorced them, they wanted equal shared custody. They then dumped the kids on their parents or new partners. 

grumpier monster December 30, 2021

@reallife, alternatively there will be more structural support for parents so that people who want to have kids can do so.

grumpier monster December 30, 2021

SA Health have announced a deviation from the national definition of close contacts. 

grumpier monster December 14, 2021

Treating my sleep apnea meant that my muscles would recover during my sleep. 

grumpier monster December 14, 2021

Regularly failing to get back to sleep was unrelated to my sleep apnea. 

grumpier monster December 14, 2021

I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea after drugs couldn’t fix my hypertension. 

grumpier monster December 7, 2021

I was a teacher over a decade ago. The biggest problem was too much work and too many contract teachers. 

grumpier monster December 7, 2021

I'm a woman and wondered the same thing as your male mate. I didn't mean that you are responsible for their outrageous behaviour. I meant, are they doing this because they are angry at you because you are reclaiming control of your sexuality? Do more women need to do this in order for these dreadful men to finally learn that it is not their place to 'punish' sexually confident women with unsolicited dick-pix?