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grumpier monster June 16, 2021

This skips my pet peeve. Employees requesting to have a reference from a recent employer or manager. Who provides a SAHMs reference? 

grumpier monster June 16, 2021

Yes! The first time I took anti-depressants was when I'd finished another round of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and following a healthy diet with lots of exercise and reasonable sleep. I knew I needed them because I was on holiday on the Sunshine Coast, walking on the beach on a beautiful sunny day without a care in the world, and still felt like I was walking in a cold, miserable, foggy day. I started the anti-depressants and the CBT and everything became easy. The sun started to make things look brighter again and I felt warm. Warm and relaxed like I hadn't felt for ages. So, do the work, but give yourself a break: take the anti-depressants too.

grumpier monster June 14, 2021

Good work! 

After nearly 30 years of refusing to make my husband lunch, I have started doing so. I did this because we are dieting and I don't want him to lose too much faster than me because he normally skips lunch. I should point out that he makes my (cooked) breakfast most days and asks me whether I'd prefer it in bed. So there's that. 

Oh, and sometimes I can't be bothered making his lunch and so he does his own thing for the day. 

grumpier monster June 14, 2021

As a white Australian, I’m appalled by the Government’s treatment of this family of refugees. My extended family includes a Somalian refugee and a Philippine as well as Britons. You are welcome. You belong here if you want to live here. 

grumpier monster June 11, 2021

If Victoria has its usual luck this will start a train of new infections here, meanwhile Queensland and NSW won’t have one new case. 

grumpier monster June 9, 2021

When my kids were 3 and 4, my husband forgot to wish me a happy birthday. I hadn’t bought my birthday present. When he came home, I told him he was looking after the kids because my birthday present was a night in a (basic) hotel alone. I dined alone without compromising on time or food preferences. It was great!

grumpier monster June 8, 2021

@cat, the Australian constitution doesn’t say that. The states took over the running of quarantine in line with Federal standards. 

grumpier monster June 6, 2021

It’s not about point scoring if the public think that only the Victorian Government is responsible for the dire financial problems of sole traders. The Federal Government is half responsible. 

grumpier monster June 3, 2021

I thought everyone knew this. That’s why it’s not a big deal, and actually good news, if the child plays up for their parents. 

grumpier monster June 1, 2021

Well said. Some things in life aren’t a competition. Sometimes, instead of deciding who won the suffering competition, we have to give ourselves a participation trophy. We were there. We came last. But we were there. 

grumpier monster June 1, 2021

No fantasy. 

grumpier monster May 30, 2021

It’s all started back up again. I’m unable to do anything except doom scroll until the presser starts. I turn it off soon after the questions start because they make me too angry. I then spend a few hours worrying over who has the virus and how far the latest cases have spread it and what that means for ending lockdown. Today’s news was so terrible, I try to keep the faith that we will beat this again. But, it’s hard. The news today filled me with dread. . 

grumpier monster May 30, 2021

What has the Victorian Government done wrong this time?

grumpier monster May 29, 2021

Great article.

grumpier monster May 28, 2021

A pair of puppies from the same litter for my children aged 11&12.  The dogs bonded with each other and were too much work and expense to be enjoyable. I should have got 1. 

grumpier monster May 28, 2021

@km maybe I’d feel the same if I wasn’t in Melbourne and I could forget that there’s no guarantee that the lockdown will end in 7 days. 

grumpier monster May 23, 2021

Thanks for this article. It does help me understand better.

grumpier monster May 19, 2021

The poor woman. I hope she feels better now. I think a lot of people, especially in Melbourne, were feeling particularly stressed and unhappy and projecting this as rage on anyone who seemed to be flouting the rules or even hinting that they were doing it tough. It's no excuse for the unkindness, but it wasn't personal, it was just an unpleasant manifestation of collective grief. People were being unkind and ungenerous in all kinds of settings. 

grumpier monster May 19, 2021

It is very hard for you and everyone who has family overseas. I wish that more people would get vaccinated (if they can) and that other countries would stop being so cavalier about Covid. The borders will remain shut until this is under control everywhere either through vaccine-induced herd immunity, a cure, or eradication. At the rate of the current vaccine roll-out in Australia, it will be 2023 before Australia achieves sufficient herd immunity to open the borders, but that assumes the AZ vaccine works on the mutations. It's not weak to feel the pain of this very difficult time. It shows courage and love to stare reality in the face like you are doing. Keep up the good work. 

grumpier monster May 16, 2021

@rush. Yes, it could have been a great opportunity for Seven to start trying to educate their audience about how the social context has changed, but it seemed like they just want to bemoan the fact that it has.