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grumpier monster September 26, 2020

As long as there are restrictions around travel distances and time spent outdoors, it’ll feel like stage 4 to me. I can understand for people juggling home schooling, once school resumes it might feel like stage 3. 

grumpier monster September 24, 2020

I'm in Melbourne too. 

I share your fear that there might be a third wave if we open too quickly. After reading the hundreds of comments from Melburnians demanding a quicker easing of restrictions, I feel enraged and terrified because I love Dan Andrews, but if there is a third wave I'm ready to let it rip. 

If there's another wave I want to pursue herd immunity. I want the hospitals to be over-run, for people to suffer in their hundreds of thousands, and for tens of thousands to die. (I have extremely high blood pressure so I have a 10% chance of being one of the corpses.) 

I don't care. I am done. I am sick of the whingers. I can live with a very cautious approach to reopening, but I can't stand the nay-sayers. 

grumpier monster September 21, 2020

She was 87 years old and still working. I have questions.

Did she need the money?
Was she afraid she’d lose too much status and power if she retired?
Was she afraid that she couldn’t find meaningful activities to fill her time if she retired?
Did she doubt that anybody else was as good as her?
She should have retired a decade ago. Employment isn’t a hobby. There’s a competitive job market and people should retire before they’re 80. It’s not ageism if there is a minimum age requirement for applicants. (For these type of jobs, the applicant must be at least 34.)

grumpier monster September 18, 2020

Melbourne is now is stage 4 lock down with benefits. One benefit is playgrounds being open, but for older kids the other benefit is they can socialise with one person in a public area (or just sit by themselves).  If it’s appropriate for your child (ie they can be trusted to follow the rules), it would be a great first step for kids to do this. Both parties need to live within 5km  of the meeting zone. But they could meet a friend, class mate, or family member and have some time away from their household in a safe environment. It’s for up to 2 hours every day and they can tmeet someone new everyday. 

grumpier monster September 15, 2020

I don’t understand. Wasn’t it clear to people who left that they’d be at the end of the queue to get back in unless they could outbid the other people wanting to return?

 It is sickening and I  hope the Federal Government takes responsibility for quarantine soon and gradually increases the caps as they gain confidence that they can manage the system. 

grumpier monster September 11, 2020

This is tragic, but the fault lies with all the people applying for exemptions who don’t need to enter the state, the people who lie to escape lockdown, and the original travellers who didn’t self isolate. 

Covid facts
Funerals are super spreader events.  
Asymptomatic visitors can devastate  a hospital. 

grumpier monster September 9, 2020

I'm in Melbourne.  

I think a lot about some of the stories from my youth. They are politically incorrect now, but Rilla of Ingleside by LM Montgomery and Captain Jim by Mary Grant Bruce both write about what it was like to be a young female and stuck on the home front during WW1.  They were both written soon after the war so carry that ring of authenticity that make it relatable. It shows the stress of losing their old lives, their constant anxiety and guilt about their friends and family who were fighting and facing far worse. The daily grind and never knowing when it would finish. Both of the main characters would occasionally drop their bundles under the weight of everything. 
People might say that ohers have had it far worse, but even during the war, it's a hard thing to be forbidden from seeing loved ones and to do this during an economic crisis does make it a huge sacrifice.

grumpier monster September 7, 2020

Like everyone else, I was disappointed but not at all surprised by the extension. It makes it easier because I have complete trust in Dan Andrews and respect the maths behind his decisions. I’m disappointed that so many people are attacking the decision. It feels like a deliberate strategy to undermine his credibility. That would be normal politics but undermining his credibility also means undermining his message. I wonder how much despair is generated by the negativity. It’s not good for compliance or people’s mental health. 

grumpier monster August 30, 2020

There's more. 

13) Needing whatever has been packed into the nappy/supply bag as you prepare to leave the house.
14) Needing to stand in the doorway when you're carrying things in and out of the house.
15) Needing the driver to read or reach something they've dropped whilst driving.
16)  Learning that losing something is part of the frantic leaving home ritual. (This one was my fault and I remedied it as soon as I realised.)

grumpier monster August 30, 2020

I live in Melbourne and desperately want to spend Christmas with my kids in Adelaide. To do so will require Melbourne to spend at least 8 weeks in level 4 lock-down, not 6. People are going to lose their sh*t if the Premier makes the announcement. (They'll keep complaining when he insists on 4 weeks of level 3 too.) SA won't let us in until we look like we've eradicated community transmission and clusters stop forming at places like hospitals. The reason for the extension is because the original level 3 restrictions only caused the numbers to almost plateau, not decline.

Strong leaders make unpopular decisions. If we ease restrictions too early, we won't even be allowed to meet Melbourne relatives for Christmas. And that will be unpopular.

grumpier monster August 26, 2020

I read that this is only an issue in Victoria because other states don't have a 6 months limit. For instance NSW can keep a state of emergency indefinitely. Some Liberals are clearly playing politics.

grumpier monster August 25, 2020

I’ve suffered from several major depressive episodes in my life. I live in Melbourne. Pre-covid I was lonely and unemployable. I’d just made arrangements to touch base with a couple of friends when the first lock down started. Usually I manage by going out on the weekends to shop or walk with my husband but now that’s curtailed. 

I feel flat. I’m tired of feeling guilty about everything. Some days I don’t get dressed and some days I can’t be bothered going out. My physical health has deteriorated from the  exercise restrictions. I’m doing lots of  comfort eating.   

I find comfort in following the case numbers but when they went up during level 3 restrictions it made me despair. It didn’t help that interstate friends were acting as though the Premier or Victorians generally had done something wrong. 
When my father had cancer I was advised to stay with the doctors: don’t race ahead and imagine how bad things can get. I try to do that. 

grumpier monster August 22, 2020

Our indigenous Australians no longer have a flag.The art-work by Harold Thomas that was previously used as the flag is no longer the flag. It is a piece of copyrighted art. We must swallow our  disappointment and put out the call for a new flag that is free for all to use in much the same way the Australian flag is. It is a bitter pill. Everyone recognised the art-work as the Aboriginal flag. It was beautiful and fitting. I have confidence that another one will be created. I no longer wish to identify Thomas' art as the indigenous flag. 

grumpier monster August 20, 2020

I always thought that a lot of year 12s would miss out on their formals and graduations, not to mention schoolies and 18th birthday parties. So, I was rather more surprised that this was news. However, I agree that it is bad for the poor year 12s. It's a really tough year and one of the things that keeps the students going is planning for all these fun events. I hope that the schools agree to letting the events be postponed rather than completely cancelled. It doesn't have to be huge, but there absolutely needs to be something. Preferably something really unique that marks the 2020 graduation class as being unprecedented. It is a lot of extra work for the teachers which is bad because they have been doing extra all year. However, they appreciate these special occasions too. 

grumpier monster August 14, 2020

It doesn't cover the terror of taking them driving if they haven't had lessons. 

If they tell you that they feel anxious about receiving lessons from a stranger if they've never even had a practice drive with you, remember how they can kill you because you can't predict the stupid mistakes they'll make. 

Parental terror trumps teenage angst. They'll recover from the discomfort of driving with a stranger.

grumpier monster August 10, 2020

Cronyism in action. Jarred and Ivanka can share similar inspirational stories. One of the core tenets of capitalism is the end of cronyism. Employment and promotion decisions  should be based on an open, merit-based system, not chance meetings and networks. It is why capitalism is better than feudalism. 

grumpier monster August 6, 2020

I used to be a high school teacher and my kids are young adults now, but even with my rose coloured glasses I can't imagine this being anything other than hideously difficult. The momentum of the class/peer group pressure are all reasons why kids happily work in a class-room with minimal assistance and unhappily seem incapable of doing anything without their parent's personal attention at home. I hope the teachers have had an opportunity to share strategies with each other about what works well for different ages and learning styles so that the experience is better this time.  

grumpier monster August 6, 2020

One of the things that make it easier is watching the daily press conference with Dan Andrews and Brett Sutton. I draw strength from their resolve and focus. Brett's kindness is also much appreciated. 

I watched it yesterday. I've been crying over it ever since. Brett wasn't there. He's taking three days off (which in my experience is usually code that he's having mental health problems).

Some of the media thought it would be useful to grill the Premier over the mistakes he might have made months ago. As usual he gave his calm, considered, and honest answers. Despite repeating the exact same information, the journalists persisted and then published that the Premier is incompetent and lying. For some reason I believed the Premier when he said he didn't have the time nor the necessary impartiality to investigate himself and his colleagues and that this was the reason he's immediately set up an inquiry when he realised the scope of the quarantine mistakes. A lot of people, especially my FB friends didn't believe him and have been slagging him off. 

I still don't understand why an acknowledged mistake from months ago is more important than understanding the details of the complex process of shutting businesses down, or why health care professionals are being infected from not wearing adequate masks, or why uber drivers are being forced to take people to covid-testing stations and sit with them in the car whilst they wait. 

It doesn't matter I suppose. Like most Melbournians I'm just sad, scared, and angry in equal measure. But seeing the credibility of Andrews and Sutton being attacked is like watching puppies being kicked because people are bored and frustrated. It's not okay. It does make me feel a lot worse. 

grumpier monster July 31, 2020

I'm living in Melbourne too. I was gutted that so many people were still not following the rules. Our numbers should be reducing or at least stabilising based on the 80% who are doing the right thing. 

It made me wonder why that hasn't happened. It's possible the non-compliance isn't random. We know a segment of the population dislikes rules and Victoria's rules were the toughest and most rigorously enforced. Some people have been further antagonised by the BLM protest. It doesn't matter how often they are told that the protest didn't spread the virus and that the Premier told people to stay home. Some people persist in claiming that they don't have to obey the rules if people protest  . . .or shop . . .or one of any one of a number of things that they think shouldn't have happened and that the Premier should have stopped. Finally, not all workplaces are legitimate. We know that drug dealers and prostitutes have been fined for not complying with the rules. I sometimes wonder if covid-19 is active amongst crime gangs and that the gangs are reluctant to accurately share details of people they have met. 
It's possible tomorrow will be another tough day with the announcement of further restrictions. People are calling for harsher penalties and stricter lock down rules. However, if the problem is not the 80% but the 20% who are angry committed rule-breakers and criminals, then I'm not sure stiffer penalties or stricter lock-downs will work. 

grumpier monster July 30, 2020

@snorks, I think they can do a lot of things under the emergency powers that they are using. If we were at war (another example of emergency powers) they could tell people to not use lights at night etc. I think in the old days, before cures and widespread vaccines, when epidemics were common, Governments used to do a lot of things to keep the  public safe that infringed on people's civil liberties. (Have a look at what happened to "promiscuous" women in the USA during WW1 and WW2 to see how crazy governments can become.)

The Government regulating various types of clothing (including masks) isn't new either. I think that women weren't always allowed to wear bikinis either. In any case the Government definitely requires people to wear clothing in public unless it's a nudist resort/beach etc.  

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