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grumpier monster September 18, 2021

I’m glad you gave your child a mental health day. It’s a good thing to teach her. I’m in Melbourne. I imagine nearly every child needs personal counselling urgently. There’s not enough counsellors. 

grumpier monster September 16, 2021

I've had suicidal thoughts on and off every year since I was about 15 (I'm now 51). I have my own number system. Zero= no thoughts. One= one-off random thoughts when I'm overtired and over-whelmed. Two=thinking about suicide several times a day. Three= thinking about the best method to suicide regularly every day. Four=Deciding on the best method, time, and place. Five= preparation to act (buying equipment, etc). I have never got to six, but I've talked my way down from every other number. 

I now know that zero is normal, and that your brain shouldn't be considering self-harm if your brain is healthy. I didn't learn this until I was in my 40s.
I now have a sleep, ease off the junk food, and seriously do all my CBT exercises at stage 1. This usually prevents stage 2.
At stage 2, I now organise a mental health plan with my GP because obviously something is going on that I can't figure out. (I didn't start doing this until I was in my 40's. Usually I'd let it run to stage 4 or 5.)
It helped having a friend who suffered anxiety attacks. We could laugh about how our brains are glitching and making us think crazy things.

grumpier monster September 9, 2021

This reminds me of how I felt a few days after I had my first baby. I had been warned about the 'baby blues' caused by hormonal changes, but at the time I was astonished by how much more real they felt than anything I normally felt. Ever since, I've been keenly aware that any really strong emotion is probably just hormones. It's a weird sensation, as a well educated human, to acknowledge and accept that fundamentally I cannot control this animal side of me. I wonder whether this is one of the reasons that it is not discussed and researched: am enlightenment era shame of being barely better than an animal for some of the time.

grumpier monster September 9, 2021

As a Melburnian, I hope we can all get out of lockdown soon and that you get a chance to experience all the wonderful things Melbourne has to offer. Thanks for staying. 

grumpier monster September 4, 2021

How stressful. However, sometimes you must agree to differ or break up. If neither party is willing to accept that they might be wrong, then there is no choice. As an enthusiastic pro-vaxxer, I feel your pain. 

grumpier monster September 1, 2021

I'm in Melbourne. My mother and siblings are in Queensland. My adult children are in Adelaide. We are united in our disappointment in the NSW's response. I am neither surprised nor disgusted that SA and Qld has shut their borders to me. It is the sensible thing to do during a global pandemic. As far as I can tell, the Victorian Premier thinks it makes sense to shut the borders to any covid hotspot.

It is devastating that Victoria has been forced to admit defeat. I don't blame the Premier. I blame the people who couldn't stick to the rules, particularly the ones who worked, shopped, and illegally socialised whilst symptomatic. 

grumpier monster September 1, 2021

Poor kids. I admit I hoped that the states would employ more artists to teach kids both during the crisis and afterwards. Small session singalongs or craft would take pressure off teachers and could spark joy. 

grumpier monster August 31, 2021

@6macfam sorry. I could only give you 1 upvote instead of the million I wanted to give you. 

grumpier monster August 30, 2021

I wrote a manuscript in 2016. I'm still editing it. It feels like I'll never finish. 

grumpier monster August 26, 2021

Teachers are at risk and are essential workers. They should get priority. 

Now spare a thought for the 15 yo KFC worker who dies after getting infected at work. Nobody discusses fast food workers. Why?

grumpier monster August 24, 2021

Eradication should have been the world’s aim. Every country that didn’t do this failed their country and future generations. We’re at war and other countries it was too hard and too expensive. 

grumpier monster August 19, 2021

Sounds very sensible. 

grumpier monster August 19, 2021

The lack of compassion lies at the feet of the federal LNP, not every day Australians. The LNP haven’t been elected in this issue. 

grumpier monster August 19, 2021

Some of this is because being motherhood isn’t recognised as a job. If it were, politicians wouldn’t insist women could do 2 simultaneously. It would be as crazy as a nurse nursing whilst driving a taxi. 

grumpier monster August 15, 2021

I don’t think you can exercise with a friend unless they are a member of your household or it’s part of a single bubble arrangement. 

grumpier monster August 15, 2021

America (and by default Australia) have lost every war since the second world war. I don't blame the armed forces. I respect what they have tried to do, but I think Australia should seriously reconsider following America into any war in the future. I feel sick with worry for the women of Afghanistan.

grumpier monster August 14, 2021

Thank you for everything you do as a nurse. Your only goal should be to keep breathing. You’ve exceeded it by writing this piece. Well done you!

grumpier monster August 10, 2021

Never watch the questions at the presser. It’s too depressing. 

Stretch your eyes away from your screen every 20 minutes. 
Appreciate  what you’ve got, even if it’s only a very calm, reflective puddle. 

grumpier monster August 7, 2021

I find that I course correct my pity party because I’ve been suicidally depressed many times before. I can accept small amounts of self-pity, but if it gets too big or lasts too long, it’ll sink me. Everyone copes differently. 

grumpier monster August 6, 2021

@sincly, good advice. I too try to ignore the wrong-doers in my community. Everyone's just so broken.