"We had sex 16 times in 40 hours": 19 women share their steamiest sex stories.

Wherever you are – procrastinating at work, watching telly, on the train – close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Now, cast your mind back to the steamiest, raunchiest sexual encounter you’ve ever had.


This is exactly what we asked 19 Aussie women to do in the name of a very not-safe-for-public transport read. Without spoiling it, they delivered.

Before we get into it, sex expert and high-class escort Samantha X shares the most interesting requests she’s had from her clients. Post continues after video.

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So settle in and keep scrolling for a bunch of hot, spicy, slightly awkward real life sex stories from Mamamia readers.

Warning: You may experience some pressure in your nether regions while reading. Proceed with caution.

1. ‘Ride the bus.’

“I was 21 and had recently broken up with my partner, but when we saw each other at a club, we couldn’t deny the energy between us. We left together and started to get a little frisky at the bus stop… which then turned into me riding him on the bus seat. When it started to become way too obvious that we were, well, having sex on a moving bus, we got off the bus and continued in some bushes behind a bus stop to finish the deed. Obviously, that energy was long-lasting because we ended up getting back together and have been in a relationship for five years. I pass that bus stop every day on the way to work and believe me, I can’t help but reminisce.”


2. ‘Great, until it wasn’t.’

“I accidentally circumcised a friend’s husband during group sex. We had a very close circle of friends and would often ‘get together’, and during one rather vigorous, mind blowing sex romp, we discovered his foreskin had torn. Almost 29 years later, we still laugh about it.”

3. ‘First bondage experience.’

“My partner and I wanted to try out bondage in the bedroom – it was something we’d talked about because I like it rough and she likes to be in charge. We decided to go to the sex shop to get “supplies” (which was pretty eventful) and made a plan on how we were going to carry this out. I got into my sexiest lingerie and waited patiently in the bed. I was getting excited just waiting, nervous and kind of scared, but excited. She entered the room and didn’t speak to me. We started to kiss and then the kissing turned into pushing and pulling onto each other. Next thing I knew, I was flung onto my tummy and my hands were tied behind my back with some rope. She was so quick I didn’t have time to fight or loosen the rope. She grabbed my ankles and quickly tied them together before tying the rope from my hands and feet together so I couldn’t move. I was teased through tickling and kissing all over my body which left me begging for more. My begging was quickly stopped by a ball gag being placed in my mouth. I had never felt anything like this before. This was followed with more teasing and touching until I was beside myself with the need for more. I was pulled to the side of the bed, bent over and f*cked from behind. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak. I loved every minute of it. Once I orgasmed (which was the best orgasm I had ever had), I was set free and we continued having sex rope-free for hours.”


4. ‘Long-distance Skype sex.’

“My partner is working overseas and where he is, he isn’t allowed any porn. Randomly, I received a parcel the other day. He’d ordered a vibrator to be delivered to the house (which was a big thing for him as we have opposite libidos and I’m pretty sure he could go a decade without sex and wouldn’t twitch). I Skyped him to say thanks and things turned up to a gazillion over the call. We ended up having Skype sex for two hours. They were the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time. Because there was no touch, the communication was turned up as well. Definitely recommending this to all my long-distance relationship friends!”

"We were taking a nap and I had this erotic dream. I woke up and we just had sex four times." Image: Getty.

5. 'Italian Stallion.'

"I had the most amazing sex with a bus driver I met on the southern coast of Italy some years ago. I was staying in a BnB in a tiny village, and the place was run by a rather disapproving Señora. So every night of that week, the bus driver would sneak in the window and we'd f*ck for hours. He still messages me sometimes begging me to return to Italy."

6. 'Kid-free weekend.'

"My kids were away for the weekend. We stayed home. We didn't once get dressed. In the 40 hours they were gone, we had sex 16 times. The best sex was outside on the patio furniture while the neighbour mowed his lawn!"

7. 'Unforgettable foursome.'

"I (single female) ran in to my go-to sex guy (let's call him James) at the pub a few weeks ago. I spotted a girl on the dance floor who was cute and got the feeling she felt the same about me. She started dancing with James and I, and was joined by her boyfriend soon after. It was pretty clear there was chemistry between all four of us, so I suggested we go back to my house for a drink. Back at my apartment, I went to my room to take off my heels. James followed and we made out in the wardrobe. We went back into the living room to find our new friends making out on the balcony. I politely inserted myself into their activity, then led her to my room by the hand. Her man followed, and there we all were in my room. Clothes flew off, condoms flew on and we made our way through every single tool in my top drawer. I woke up the next morning to find myself alone in bed (thank God, I am not up for that awkward morning after chit chat). The only things surrounding me were a pair of black earrings, a Nixon watch, a strip of Hollywood nipple tape and the best sex memories off my life... so far, anyway."


8. 'Sweet (wet) dreams.'

"My boyfriend and I had been together for 11 months. We were going through a phase where we were both so busy and tired, and I lost my libido. One lazy Sunday afternoon, we were taking a nap and I had this erotic dream. I woke up and we just had sex four times. I couldn't keep my hands off him!"

9. 'Couples that massage together...'

"Last week when my partner and I were in Bali on holiday, we got a couples massage. We had sex after the masseurs left the room, they were waiting for us in the next room to get changed."

10. 'Over the neighbour's fence.'

"Two years ago with my now-husband, we'd been at a wedding and we're both pretty drunk. We were building our home at the time and were living with his parents. In the Uber on the way home, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, it was very hot. When we got home, we knew we couldn't be as wild as we wanted inside while his parents were sleeping, so he bent me over the neighbour's front fence and went for it. Fortunately, it was about 1am and the street was very quiet. I love thinking back on that night and how naughty it felt."


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11. 'Mum's the word.'

"I once gave my husband (my then-boyfriend) a blowjob in the backseat of the car while my mum was driving. It was night time, the radio was on and she definitely didn't know, or I would have been disowned.... and rightly so."

12. 'Big city bang.'

"I was 36 and in New York alone - my first solo holiday. Before I left home, I matched with this brilliant neuroscientist, also an Aussie, on Tinder. We chatted for about a month online and he was into BDSM, tantra and lived with his wife in an open relationship. We talked about what we liked and fantasised about, focusing mainly on my pleasure and exploration. The build up was intense, and when I finally got to NYC and we met at a private bar, it was electric. After some very public flirting and a smooch on the street, he took me back to his apartment. While his wife and her lover slept, he and I played in his basement dungeon, kitted out with swings, toys and a massage table. He rubbed my whole body with gorgeous oils, then went down on me while I was on all fours, making me orgasm three times. He then f*cked me from behind, as slow as he could, and made me squirt - the first and only time. Afterwards, we lay together as he stroked my hair and body, drinking Negronis while talking. I slipped away into the night a happy mess and never saw him again. Nearly three years later, we're still in contact (a few dirty messages here and there). Maybe if we're in the same city again, we can reignite the passion. Most satisfying lover, ever."


13. 'A Brazilian fling.'

"I was 44 and flew up to the Gold Coast to meet a date. We had met for a drink previously when he was in Sydney for a weekend. He was Brazilian, and few years younger than me. From the minute I arrived at his apartment, it was on. He kissed me, took me into his bedroom, turned me around so he was behind me, lifted up my skirt, bent me over his bed and took off my underwear. He then knelt down and started to give me oral from behind. We spent the next 24 hours having sex all over his apartment: oral, vaginal, anal, everything. I flew back to Sydney the next day with the biggest smile on my face."

14. 'Mid-date break.'

"I was once on a date at a bar when I ran into a sexy former fling in the line for the unisex bathroom. We began chatting and next thing you know, he pulled me into the cubicle with him and f*cked me hard. We finished up, washed our hands and with a flirty kiss goodbye, I walked jelly-legged back to my concerned date. I vaguely mentioned stomach trouble and brushed it off."

15. 'Making the best of bad circumstances.'

"The best sex I've had was on the kitchen counter during a cyclone and power outage in Darwin. Fierce wind, rain and darkness outside set the scene for hot, sweaty sex!"

"They were the most satisfying lover, ever." Image: Getty.

16. 'Accidentally caught out.'

"Whilst in a relationship, and after a few (OK, a lot of) drinks, things were going off in the bedroom when we fell off the bed. His foot went through the window and the next thing I know, the bedroom light is on and my younger brother who was staying with me for the weekend is standing in the doorway. Scarred the poor kid for life."

17. 'One last childless romp.'

"I was nine months pregnant with my daughter and had been in hospital for six weeks. The ward had a big, deep bathtub and one of the nurses told me she'd turn a blind eye if my husband wanted to watch me in the bath 'for safety reasons'. We went in, locked the door, ran a beautiful, warm bath and climbed in together. It was so sensual with my pregnant belly and the warm water, both of us knowing this would be the last time we would make love while I was pregnant. I was sitting on his cock and moving so slowly that our orgasms built slowly and intensely. We both had the most intense orgasms and then held each other, shaking with the intensity. The next day, my healthy, baby girl was born."


18. 'Awkward encounter.'

"I had sex with my ex-boyfriend in a shared elevator in my Aunt's building. It stopped suddenly when an older lady pressed the button to go to her level with her little doggy. We literally had two seconds to get off each other and act like nothing happened. I also didn't wear underwear for the rest of the day because I had taken them off and put them in my pocket, and didn't have a chance to put them back on."

19. 'Oui Oui.'

"When I was 21, I had sex with a certain celebrity chef after a night partying. At the time, he was 36 and only known for the cooking show Ready, Steady, Cook. The sex was incredible and I ended up with carpet burn down my back that took weeks to heal."

*All stories were told to Mamamia through our Mamamia sex survey. Names have not been included to keep participants anonymous.

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