ROAD TEST: We tried the Womanizer Liberty clitoral suction sex toy because we're worth it.


I’d like to start off this piece by saying I’m not entirely sure I have a G-spot.

I’m sure she/he/it is in there somewhere, but, for the time being, I happily rely on clitoral stimulation to orgasm. I’m not the only one, either. According to Lovehoney, an online sex toy retailer, 70 to 80 per cent of you do too.

My search for the ultimate clitoral sex toy that’s not my hand led me to the exciting world of clitoral suction toys. How I’ve only just found out about these now is a travesty.

A quick recap of clitoral suction toys: unlike the classic Rabbit shaft-style vibrators that invariably look like penises, clitoral suction sex toys feature a small throbbing vortex-esque opening to put your clit into. These kinds of sex toys (mostly) don’t involve putting anything inside your vagina, instead making your clitoris the star of the show.

Side note – we tried the 50 Shade of Grey vagina balls to see if they’re all they’re cracked up to be, post continues after video.

Video by MMC

Naturally, I wanted to try a clitoral suction sex toy, so I promptly nabbed myself a Womanizer Liberty, $149. According to the website, users should “get ready for takeoff”. According to user reviews, I should prepare to have an orgasm in 60 seconds.


Bit arrogant, but alright.

The first thing to note about the Womanizer Liberty is, it doesn’t look like a sex toy. The toy itself is about the size of your palm and comes in a choice of baby blue, red wine, pink rose and lilac with a curved, magnetic case, stimulation heads in two sizes and a magnetic pin USB charging cable.

If you were so inclined to have it sitting on your desk or on the kitchen bench, the space-age pod-looking thing could be anything. Is it a portable charger? Is it stapler? A computer mouse? A foot massager?

Only you need know it is indeed a massager, but for your clitoris. Actually, it’s more like what you’d get if a teeny, tiny vacuum and a hand-held back massager had a sex toy baby. Don’t worry, it’s not an actual vacuum and no, it won’t suck your clit off.

Allow me to explain.

This is what the Womanizer Liberty packaging looks like. tres chic, no? Image: Supplied.
It comes with an instruction manual, but this might help, too. Image: Supplied.
Here she is side on. Image: Supplied.
Here she is in real life. Image: Supplied.
I took this photo at the office and no one blinked an eyelid. Image: Supplied.

The idea is that the Liberty's 'Pleasure Air Technology' (i.e. suction) simulates what it feels like when someone's going down on you. Rather than just the monotonous (but still very lovely) vibrations you get from pressing the head of a vibrator on your clitoris, this clitoral suction toy uses cupping and... sucking, just some of the techniques one might use when engaging in cunnilingus.


To preview what you're in for, turn on the Liberty toy and place your thumb over the clitoral stimulation head - that's what it'll feel like own below, but a million times better.

The toy has six settings which you can easily control using the two up and down buttons. Some other non-sexy details that are also important to note - Liberty is 100 per cent waterproof (you can use this in the shower), has a 120-minute battery life that can be charged in 60 minutes and the stimulation head is made from hypoallergenic medical silicone.

Now, I'll spare you the details of exactly how I used the Womanizer Liberty, but I'll share the thoughts I had after using it:

  • It's good.
  • It's really good.
  • It's really, really good.
  • Liberty is ridiculously easy to use; it fits well in your hand and it's not hard to make sure the stimulation head is in place. Basically, it's a TV remote for your clit.
  • Like the online reviews told me, it didn't take me long to orgasm. I made the ~error~ of warming up a bit on my own first. Didn't need to.
  • Because you're not physically touching yourself, it's easier and more comfortable to have multiple orgasms.
  • A word of warning - start slow and work your way up, and whatever you do, don't start on level six.

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If you're someone who doesn't orgasm through intercourse alone, using a clitoral suction toy like this one is a quick and effective way to get yourself off. It's also one of the only sex toys I've come across that's solely engineered with women's pleasure in mind.

From the design (no scary dildos or rabbits here) to the actual function, with a toy like Liberty, your clitoris is the guest of honour, every time.

As it bloody well should be.

You can find out more about the Womanizer Liberty here, or find the Womanizer Liberty to purchase on JouJou, FemPlay or Lovehoney.