Cosmopolitans at the ready: There's officially a Sex and the City sequel in the works.

Whip out the cosmopolitan pre-mix and channel your inner Samantha – there’s a Sex and the City sequel in the works and it sounds very interesting.

While we’ve accepted (and maybe found ourselves semi-relieved) that a third Sex and the City movie is out of the question thanks to THAT feud between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, the spirit of the HBO series could very well live on.

But it won’t be the SATC we all know and love.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new series from Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell is in development at Paramount TV.

It will be based on Bushnell’s new nonfiction book Is There Still Sex in the City? which follows “the love and dating habits of middle-aged men and women on Manhattan’s Upper East Side,” a topic we can’t say we’ve seen played out much on our television screens.

The book, which hasn’t even come out yet but is set to be published in early August, follows characters in their 50s and 60s navigating the modern dating world. (Yes, that means Tinder).


Bushnell told The Hollywood Reporter the show will reflect the modern lifestyles of middle aged single women living in the city. She says it will shine a light on how the lives of fifty and sixty-something women have drastically changed from the expectations of yesteryear.

“[Retirement-age] folks weren’t meant to do much of anything but get older and a bit heavier,” Bushnell told the outlet. “They weren’t expected to exercise, start new business ventures, move to a different state, have casual sex with strangers, and start all over again.

“But this is exactly what the lives of a lot of fifty and sixty-something women look like today, and I’m thrilled to be reflecting the rich, complexity of their reality on the page and now on the screen.”

It’s unclear whether any of the original cast members from Sex and the City will reprise their roles in the follow-up series, or if they could join the show in a new part entirely.

While we know Kim Cattrall has officially hung up her sassy Samantha Jones outfits and sworn she’ll never play the television icon again, we would love to see her make a return to our screens as an older single woman in 2019…

Who can make this happen?