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$5 million price tags and croissant couches. Take a look inside the Selling Sunset agents' real houses.

Selling Sunset is all about flogging million dollar properties in the Hollywood Hills, but have you ever wondered what the homes of the real estate agents selling them are like?

Because that’s literally all we can think about.

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So, we’ve done some major scrolling, screenshotting and general snooping of the cast’s homes so you can have a sneak peek inside. 

Selling Sunset Maya Vander House Tour

The beloved ‘mum’ of the group, Maya, splits her time between LA and Miami with her husband and two children. She recently shared a house tour of her LA home with Cosmopolitan UK, which means we get to snoop inside too!

Maya's guest bedroom. Image: Cosmopolitan UK. 


Maya's kitchen. Image: Cosmopolitan UK.


With a neutral grey colour scheme, Maya’s place is both stylish and kid-friendly and she admits she really only decorates with practical things - like basil plants which she uses for every home-cooked meal.

Maya's walk-in-wardrobe. Image: Cosmopolitan UK.


Maya's Bathroom. Image: Cosmopolitan UK.

Maya's living room. Image: Cosmopolitan UK.


Selling Sunset Christine Quinn House Tour 

While we’re not sure where Christine lived before she married her husband Christian Richard, we do know from the show that Christian actually bought a $5 million house off Christine for them to live in - scoring her a ginormous $150,000 commission!

Christine Quinn's house. Image: Netflix.


"I would sit in that open house every Sunday and would picture myself sitting in that house, getting coffee with my husband, and I now live in the house that I envisioned myself living in," Christine said.

Christine doesn’t share many snaps of the house’s interior, but during quarantine she staged a little photoshoot and so we can at least see the views from the stunning property. 


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Selling Sunset Chrishell Stause House Tour

Following her rather shocking divorce from This Is Us actor Justin Hartley, Chrishell packed up her things and grabbed a rental property in the Hollywood hills to stay in. 

We were able to see the house during season three of Selling Sunset when Amanza visited Chrishell, but as she was just moving in there were boxes everywhere and full-on red velvet drapes keeping the paparazzi at bay.

Chrishell's house. Image: Netflix.


Chrishell's living room. Image: Netflix.


Chrishell's entryway. Image: Netflix.

Chrishell's living room. Image: Netflix.


Fingers crossed Chrishell is a little more settled into her rental now and has added her touch to the property.

Selling Sunset Heather Rae Young House Tour 

Heather, who recently got engaged to her fellow TV real estate star Tarek El Moussa, shared a quick look into her home with this adorable video of her hugging her stepkids-to-be. 


From the looks of things, Heather and Tarek have quite an established family home complete with a pool in the backyard and many professional photos of themselves hung up on the wall. 


Selling Sunset Mary Fitzgerald House Tour 

While we’ve seen a LOT of shots of the houses Mary has sold in Selling Sunset, the real estate agent has only ever given one peek into the apartment she shares with husband Romain. 

During a home-decorating challenge, Mary rearranged some of the furniture in her place and in doing so gave the world a teeny, tiny look into her own space.


Selling Sunset Amanza Smith House Tour 

Amanza has worked for a super long time as an interior stylist, so the pressure is on for the styling of her own house which she shares with her two children.

Taking Cosmopolitan UK on a house tour, Amanza shared her favourite pieces of furniture along with a proper snoop around her massive walk-in-wardrobe. 

Amanza's living room. Image: Cosmopolitan UK.


Amanza's croissant couch. Image: Cosmopolitan UK.


Amanza inside her walk-in-wardrobe. Image: Cosmopolitan UK.

We’re not jealous, you are. 

You can watch all three seasons of Selling Sunset on Netflix now.

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