Just the very best Twitter reactions to Scott Morrison becoming our new Prime Minister.

Today, on Friday August 24, 2018, the leadership spill in Australian politics came to its hectic conclusion.

In the race to find love a new Prime Minister (bye Malcolm Turnbull), three suitors were vying for the final rose job.

In the blue power suit corner, we had Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs and deputy Liberal leader.

Over in the beige corner stood Scott Morrison. Sco Mo. The (then) Treasurer of Australia. Spoiler, sorry.

And under a pile of potatoes lay Peter Dutton. If you’re not sure why the humble and beloved potato was brought into this sordid mess, refer to our Peter Dutton potato explainer.

Moving on.

To answer your question, who is Prime Minister, the answer is Scott Morrison.

As for how all of us feel about this leadership spill? (Thanks for asking, Canberra.)

Some of us are, rightly, angry. Others are completely confused. A small percentage are likely purchasing flights to New Zealand as we speak. And others honestly don’t know what else to do but laugh.

Or create memes.

Here are the thoughts (and lols) of you, the Australian people, as shared on Twitter.



Tell us what you think of the leadership spill in Australian politics right now, are you happy with the outcome?

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