Sarah Harris' husband asked her to wear his ex-girlfriend's perfume. It got... awkward.

Studio Ten presenter Sarah Harris has shared the awkward proposition her husband made to her recently.

You see, her husband, Tom Ward, likes this particular type of women’s perfume, and would like his wife to start wearing it.

“It’s his absolute favourite. It’s very floral and sickly sweet. It’s totally not me,” she said.

But it gets worse, because it’s also the perfume his ex-girlfriend used to wear.

Sarah Harris speaks about the time she swore on live television. Post continues.

On Dave Hughes’ show Hughesy, We Have A Problem the 36-year-old presented her dilemma, hoping for advice from her co-panellists, comedians Meshel Laurie, Merrick Watts and Luke McGregor.

“First of all, is it a bit weird that he wants me to wear an ex’s perfume?” she asked. “And, second of all, should I wear it?”

Unfortunately, the comedians on the show weren’t much help.

After describing the perfume as “very girly”, “a bit woody” and a “cross between musk and fly spray” the group suggested she just wear it during “special times” for him.

“But then he’ll be thinking about her,” Sarah, completely horrified, said.

Luke joked it could be the start of something far more disturbing.

“What if you start wearing it and then he goes, ‘Great.’ And then he goes, ‘Now, I know this is weird as well, but if you could start wearing this ex-girlfriend mask?'”

At least her husband had been upfront about the origin of the perfume, the mum-of-two shared, after Hughesy inquired if he tried to keep it from her.

“No, he just said, ‘I really like this perfume. I think you should wear it. My ex used to wear it.'”

Sarah said she’d never met the ex-girlfriend, but had tried to Facebook stalk the “smelly” woman.

The gang couldn’t agree on what she should do, instead suggesting that Tom could have avoided the whole awkwardness if he just hadn’t have told her about the ex.

Not exactly what the journalist was hoping for.

Do you have any advice for Sarah Harris? What would you do if you partner asked you to wear a perfume their ex had worn? Tell us in the comments below.