Sarah Harris explains her "mortifying" weekend Instagram mishap.

When Studio 10 host Sarah Harris woke up on Sunday morning, she was greeted with an exciting sight: she had gained herself 45 new Instagram followers overnight.

“Oh my God,” the 36-year-old thought. “I’m a hit on Instagram.”

But when she started reading her text messages, she realised something had gone horribly wrong.

You see, while sleeping soundly on Saturday night, a pregnant Sarah had somehow managed to start a live stream of her slumber.

Complete with snoring that sounded “like a wounded hippo”.

sarah harris insta
When the sound of your snoring is aired for the whole country to hear... Image via Channel 10.

As mortifying as the situation was, Sarah was still able to face the public, chatting to The Project about just how the mishap had occurred.

"I had all these texts like, 'Dude, you're on Instagram live at the moment, right now'," Sarah told the show.

LISTEN: Sarah Harris tells Mia Freedman about the time she swore on live TV. Post continues after audio.

"My heart just sank... I thought, 'What have I done, what have I said, what noises have I made?' Because very strange noises come out of pregnant women...There's lots of gas, and it's just not pretty."


It wasn't until her husband's brother called him that the live feed was switched off. But Sarah said by that stage, more than 300 people had tuned in to "watch her sleep".

sarah harris insta
More than 300 people watched Sarah's "live stream" before she realised what had gone wrong. Image via Channel 10.

Sarah said she believes she "accidentally" hit 'go live' while trying to find water in her sleep.

"I was fumbling for water, and I accidentally whacked the Instagram live thing on," she said.

"That's what I think happened, anyway."

She also had a message for those who said she was lying about the whole thing being an accident.

"Like I'd want that for the world to hear!" she laughed, referencing her rather loud snores.

We're sure that, in future, the TV host will ensure her phone is kept far, far away from her mattress edge so nothing like this ever happens again.