Meshel Laurie trying to have a bath is every mum trying to have a bath.

If you are lucky (unlucky? lucky? … unlucky?) to have a child, you know the unique struggle that is trying to practice basic self care and hygiene.

Meshel Laurie is a kickarse comedian and mum-of-two and, don’t worry, she gets it.

Oh, does she get it.

The 41-year-old had run a bath in her shiny new tub, poured herself a much-deserved glass of red, and grabbed her book when her family did their very best to ruin everything like the life-sucking devils they are.

Kidding, we’re sure Meshel’s family are lovely and gorgeous. In their own life-sucking devil-y way.

The events unravelled like this, according to Meshel’s hilarious Instagram account:

1. Son was suddenly crying with starvation even though he had dinner an hour ago.
2. Father arrived home from medical appointments and decided I needed a full recap.
3. Mother came up looking for father, gave her own recap.
4. Sister called for recap, both parents delivered, at my kitchen table even though they were on mum’s MOBILE phone.
5. Mother then gave me a review of the book she’s been reading.
6. Daughter decided she too was hungry after seeing her brother eat.
7. Realised new plug is not great as water has all leaked out.

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“I’m in here now. Thinking of all the lonely people in the world who would think I’m a lucky bastard!” she wrote alongside a photo of her feet in what looked like a glorious bath.

Mums everywhere drew a sigh of relief and returned to their own life-sucking devils, comforted by the fact that at least one mum had made it to the end of the tunnel.

Until this.

Now there’s a play date going on in here. ????

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Spare a thought for Meshel Laurie today, people.

And if you have a bottle of red, maybe send it her way.

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