The cheapie Jennifer Aniston perfume that's a dead ringer for a $460 designer fragrance.

Luxury perfume is my favourite thing on earth but let’s face it, we can’t always shell out a couple hundred bucks to smell nice.  That’s where my guilty pleasure – cheapie fragrances and celebrity dupes – comes into play.

Don’t want to drop $160 on a bottle of Flowerbomb? Try the smell-alike, Katy Perry Killer Queen, which you can pick up at Chemist Warehouse for as little as $18.

Is the $200 price tag of Narciso Rodriguez For Her a touch too much? Grab a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker’s near identical Lovely for as little as $10.

Then there’s Kate Moss’ Lilabelle Truly Adorable. Regularly on sale at Priceline for about $15, it’s basically a baby sister to Dior J’Adore, which can run up to $240.

However my most blessed discovery of all is Jennifer Aniston's line of 'fumes.


The former Friends star's latest scent, Chapter One, has me in conniptions. It's a dead ringer for Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum, which runs up to $460 a bottle. Not even seasoned perfume snobs or the die-hard 'fume fanatics at Fragrantica can tell the difference (me included).

Same beachy vibes that bring to mind a sunset over the seaside. Same whiff of sand and suntan lotion. Same burst of clean, rich bergamot.  Same depth of warm, sweet tuberose and tonka. Same visions of a fancy tropical island escape, the kind where you have a private hut and a handsome masseuse. The one big difference? A 30ml bottle costs just $3o.

It's strong and the quality far exceeds the price - it even lasts for hours, which frankly most celeb fragrances don't. I got eight hours out of it, even on a humid day.

It's not quite as fancy packaging wise, but it does the job, and the 30ml bottle is a good size to throw in your purse for a burst of sunshine-y escape whenever you need a spritz.

If you like Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddness or the now-discontinued Azuree Soleil, Chapter One has plenty in common with those two classic sun-and-surf scents, as well.

Now I love Tom Ford with my entire soul, and it's long been a tradition of mine to buy myself a bottle of one of his exquisite fragrances for each of my birthdays. However will I also take a smell-alike for $30 that I can grab at my local pharmacy? Sure.

Bonus round - Jen's 2010 scent, Lolavie, is often compared to the cult favourite Kai fragrance oil, which sets you back $70 for a tiny roll-on. If you're looking for something similar, a big ole 50ml bottle of Lovealie can often be found for around $30. Can't complain about that!