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"I’m sobbing." Samuel Johnson's emotional tribute to Connie on Dancing with the Stars.

The Dancing With The Stars judges, the crowd and viewers at home were left in tears after Samuel Johnson’s moving tribute to his sister Connie on Monday night.

Sam, who is representing his charity Love Your Sister on the show, danced a contemporary with his partner Georgia.

The theme of the night was “memorable year” and the 41-year-old had chosen 2017, the year Connie passed away after years of living with cancer.

Video via Ten

The actor said before the dance that he wanted to tell their “whole life story in one dance” and afterwards thought he’d done just that.

From the moment Georgia, dancing as a spirit version of Connie, started pushing Sam on a swing as the opening notes to ‘See You Again’ played many people lost it.

Viewers expressed how moved they were on Twitter.




For Sam’s emotional efforts he was given eights all round by the judges, who said the dance had moved them.

Earlier, Johnson told TenDaily how important the dance was to him.

“I’m doing an amazing dance to represent our brother and sister relationship — it’ll be like our whole life story in one dance,” he said.

Sam said he imagined that Connie would have been happy for him to go on the show – and possibly a bit jealous.

“My sister wanted us to raise this $10 million with joy because she always told us, ‘cancer can take my life, but it won’t take my joy’. So I’ll be dancing as if she’s watching,” he said.