A disco room and a 'drag wing': Absolutely every insane detail from RuPaul's house tour.

As soon as drag icon RuPaul walks down his marble staircase for his new Architectural Digest house tour, you know this home is going to be good. 

I've seen plenty of celebrity house tours in recent times, from Lily Allen and David Harbour to Sarah Paulson

But this one takes things to the next level. We have a giant chandelier, peach walls, marble columns — and that's all just in the foyer. 

There's nothing worse when you see a celebrity home, worth millions and millions of dollars, and all the celeb wants is a muted (nicer word for boring) palette of sad beige.

But RuPaul is not sad beige. Nay, his home is the epitome of camp. And I'm here for it.

But first watch: how to travel while still at home. Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia. 

Let us begin with what he tells us is his favourite space in the house: the disco room.

Yes, a disco room. Now I simply must have one.

"We love music, we love to dance. We decided we needed to have a disco in our house, and this is it," he says referring to himself and his husband, noting there's nothing they love more than a daytime disco rave. 


Just in case you were wondering, there are 26 disco balls in this room. Part of us wonders why he didn't round it up to 30, but I digress.

There's a fancy Hollywood regency fireplace (cool), some old-school prints of disco icons on the walls (also cool), and some animal print armchairs (very very cool).

The disco room that I will spend the rest of my days fantasising about. Image: AD.

Next, we've got the kitchen.

Look, it's okay — we've got a hidden fridge integrated into the cabinetry, then a bar fridge, a banging oven which is sparkling like it's never been touched, some marble bench tops and TWO bowls of decorative citrus. All marvellous.

But it's the lights I can't stop thinking about.

Because although Ru tries to convince us that they're reminiscent of "underwater scuba gear from the 1930s and 1940s", they are very clearly soccer balls. Once you've clocked that, it's impossible to unsee it. 

The aforementioned soccer ball lights. And yeah, the kitchen is nice too. Image: AD.


Also, the giant vase in the middle of Ru's "breakfast nook" table is giving strong White Lotus vibes. 

Image: AD/Binge. 


The number of rooms where one can sit down and have a meal is extraordinary. 

Ru shows us his "dining pavilion" next. 

Once again, we've got a bowl of mandarins, and I'm starting to have beef with this trend. Why always citrus? You can guarantee there'd be a mouldy a** mandarin at the bottom of that perfectly ornate pile, squashed to utter s**t. But you sometimes need to sacrifice fruit for a stunning Architectural Digest home tour.

Would the ceiling spur on my vertigo? Perhaps. Would it kind of be worth it given how much this space slays? I'd be willing to take the risk. 

Just as we're about to leave the dining pavilion, Ru says: "I'm going to go on the record and say this may be my favourite room, but don't hold me to it." ('Favourite room' statement count now stands at two.) 


How the zebra print chairs and striped ceilings and walls go together we'll never understand but deeply appreciate. Image: AD.

When the word 'luxury' comes to mind, what colours do you immediately think of? Perhaps some nice contrasting monochromes, regal jewel tones or a deep, deep navy.


It's orange. But not just any orange, oh no. It has to be Hermes orange. And this is exactly what Ru wanted, saying his office is like "living in my own personal Hermes box".


Also, credit to the interior designer who chose to go full throttle with the paint job and cover up the power points too. Now that is attention to detail. 

I think RuPaul's favourite colour might be orange... Thoughts? Image: AD.

Also — the fact that Ru took two bedrooms from this house and converted them into one walk-in-closet is everything.


This isn't the only closet though. This is just the closet Ru uses when he's not in drag. There's still a whole other sparkly beast to tackle. And I've never been more excited.

When it comes to Ru's out-of-drag outfits, he is known for an absolutely fabulous suit that looks like it's been tailored by the fashion gods. 

RuPaul's gorgeous walk-in-closet space for out of drag. Image: AD.

You can tell there's been some hard-core Hollywood parties in this backyard. Ultimately, I don't have much to say about the outside patio and the pool area. 


Yeah, it's lovely.

Yeah, I wish I had it. 

And yeah, that pool shape is epic. 

But all I can think about is where would Ru and his husband's dog go to the toilet. I pray there's a patch of grass somewhere. 

My only gripe: this pool needs a fence. Image: AD.


It's at this point in the tour that I realise how boujee RuPaul really is.

Not only does he have an office that looks like a Hermes wet dream, but he has an additional office too.

I wish the details behind the two offices were elaborated on more along with a series of other questions we have (including why is there two offices, is the Hermes one just decorative, are the offices both Ru's or does his husband have one too, why does this office have a bar in it) but alas, today isn't the day for all the answers.

And might I say the juxtaposition between the animal print walls and curtains, coupled with the classic Greek statue from the Archaic Period is utterly charming.

Simply fabulous. Image: AD.


Now I want to cry from jealousy because this living room is an absolute dream.

The light, the high ceilings (they would be a b*tch to dust though), the fireplace, the chandelier, the furniture — MWAH.

Yes, I do think this room should have a TV on the wall but you've got to remember that celebrities and fancy people don't want TV in their living rooms. As for what they do instead... who knows. 

I want this living room immediately. Please. Image: AD.


When I've asked those around me in the office what their favourite part of the house tour is, it's the drag space.

The cabinets of jewels. The custom designer gowns being worn by shiny monochrome mannequins, the shoes, the framed magazine covers featuring RuPaul in drag, the glam room. As a massive RuPaul's Drag Race fan, this is what heaven looks like.

Might I say to the Kardashians and their giant closets — eat your heart out, RuPaul wins.

"You come down here and you want to make yourself beautiful," Ru says to the AD cameras. "You want to try on everything. You actually want to lick everything."

I couldn't agree more. 

It's Devil Wears Prada meets RuPaul's Drag Race. Image: AD.


Reflecting on the beauty and transformative nature of drag, Ru says: "There is a superhero in your that is just dying to get out. This house is the manifestation of my drag ideal. All the things that make life worth living. You have to create the joy."

And yes, I'm ending this house tour with some serious tears. Only Ru could do that. 

Finishing off, Ru says that despite the first two declarations, this drag space is indeed his favourite room in the house. And I'd have to say I agree — although the disco room sure makes me want to boogie. 

Is this the best house tour we've seen from AD? I'm calling it — 100 per cent. Why? It's camp, it's colour, it's expression and it embodies everything RuPaul is.

You can watch RuPaul's full house tour here:

Feature Image: AD. 

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