Here are some of the products the royal family swears by, and not all of them are as fancy as you think.

If you’re a business, scoring a royal warrant is kind of like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Warrants are handed out to companies which have been favourites of the royals for at least five years, and they can only be given by the most senior members of the family, meaning the Queen, Prince Philip or Prince Charles.

Before companies are awarded royal warrants, they must put in an application and then undergo rigorous background checks by the Association of Royal Warrant Holders’ selection committee.

If they pass, they are then permitted to display the Royal Arms of the relevant household on their packaging.

But even if they do manage to get one, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually keep it.

British luxury lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller was stripped of their royal warrant in January of this year after the company’s director, June Kenton, wrote about having bra fittings with the Queen in her book, Storm In a D Cup.

The royal warrant first started with King George III way back in the 1700s, and it’s been in place ever since.

Today, there are around 800 brands which carry the royal warrant.

We rounded up a few of them, just in case you feel like living like a queen…

Fortnum & Mason

Think of this place as an upscale supermarket. Fortnum & Mason is so popular with the royals, it holds two royal warrants – one from the Queen and the other from Prince Charles.

Fortnum & Mason
Image: Instagram

Floris London

Forget Chanel - this British perfumer holds royal warrants from both the Queen and Prince Charles, and even created a special scent for the recent royal wedding.

Image: Floris London


This company is famous for their weather-wear, and is a favourite with both the Queen and Prince Philip, who often wear the brand during their holidays in Balmoral. Both awarded the label royal warrants.

Image: Barbour

Gieves & Hawkes

This outfitter was awarded a royal warrant from Prince Philip, and they are often used to create the uniforms worn by the family and their staff at ceremonial events. They even designed the Queen's coronation gown in 1953.

Princes Harry & William
Image: Getty Images

Hunter Boots

We're going to guess that almost every royal has a pair of Hunter Boots tucked away in their closet. Prince Philip gave them their royal warrant, but they've been seen on everyone from the Queen to Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Image: Hunter


The Queen starts every day with a cup of English Breakfast tea, so it's understandable why she gave the company behind one of her favourite drinks a royal warrant.

Image: Twinings

Cornelia James

This glove manufacturer has long been a favourite of the Queen's - she even wore a pair of their gloves as she left her wedding in 1947. According to the company's managing director, Andrew Lawson: "When you see her black car pulling away and the white gloved hand at the window, that’s one of ours."

Image: Cornelia James

Berry Bros. & Rudd

A longtime favourite with the royal family, this wine producer has held a royal warrant for over two centuries.

Image: Berry Bros. & Rudd


This chocolatier was a favourite of the late Queen Mother's. According to the company, her favourite was the Rose & Violet Chocolate Cremes, and she once asked how many she'd have to eat before they qualified for a royal warrant.

Image: Prestat

Swaine Adeney Brigg

In addition to making whips for the Queen (we're just going to assume she uses them on her horses and not on Prince Philip), Swaine Adeney Brigg is also the manufacturer of Prince Charles' favourite umbrellas.

Image: Swaine Adeney Brigg


The prestigious car company even created the Bentley State Limousine specifically for the Queen on her Golden Jubilee in 2002. The car is reportedly worth around $17.6 million.

Image: Getty Images


This clothing brand, famous for their trench coats, is so popular with the royals, it received a royal warrant from the Queen in 1955, and a second warrant from Prince Charles in 1989.

Kate Middleton
Image: Getty Images


The royals can't get enough of this food company's award-winning smoked salmon.

Image: Inverawe

Louis Roederer

We're guessing the family popped open a lot of bottles of this company's pricey champagne at the recent royal wedding.

Image: Louis Roederer

Elizabeth Arden

This makeup brand has held a royal warrant for 55 years. The Queen is apparently a huge fan of their Eight Hour Cream and Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipsticks.

Image: Elizabeth Arden


With a name like Corgi, how could the royals not be fans of this sock company.

Image: Corgi

Crockett & Jones

Prince Charles is a longtime fan of this fine leather shoe company.

Image: Crockett & Jones


We have a hard time believing the royals would ever carry wallets around (What would they even put in them?), but when they do, apparently they use Ettinger wallets.

Image: Ettinger


Although they specialise in shirts for men, Grosvenor received their royal warrant from the Queen.

Image: Grosvenor

Lock & Co. Hatters

Whenever you see the royal wearing hats - which, to be honest, is pretty often - there's a good chance they were made by Lock & Co. Hatters.

Royal family
Image: Instagram

Launer London

The Queen is a huge fan of this company's ladylike handbags.

Image: Launer London


Not only is Hatchards London's oldest book shop, Queen Charlotte was one of their first customers back in 1797. The store holds royal warrants from the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

Image: Instagram

Paxton & Whitfield

This artisan cheese shop was first awarded a royal warrant way back in 1850.

Image: Instagram

Blackmore & Langdon

This flower farm only recently received their royal warrant from Prince Charles, who is a keen gardener.

Image: Instagram


Even the Queen needs to buy her vitamins from somewhere, and this pharmacy chain is her go-to.

Image: Boots


The Queen is reportedly a huge fan of this company's condiments - specifically, their sauces.

Image: Heinz


This prestigious car company has scored royal warrants from the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles. (And yes, that was a Jaguar Prince Harry whisked Meghan Markle away in after the royal wedding.)

Royal wedding
Image: Instagram


Given the Queen reportedly eats a bowl of Corn Flakes every day for breakfast, it's hardly surprising she gave Kellogg's a royal warrant.

Corn Flakes
Image: Kellogg's

Johnnie Walker

The famed alcohol company is one of three whisky manufacturers to have been given a royal warrant.

Image: Johnnie Walker

Buttons Saddlery

Another one of the Queen's favourites, the royals deck out their horses with saddles and other riding gear from this family-run business.

Prince William
Image: Getty Images