"I blamed him." Roxy Jacenko's life spiralled out of control when her husband was jailed.

Roxy Jacenko is undoubtedly one of the most successful businesswomen in Australia.

The 38-year-old built a PR empire comprised of four businesses from the age of just 24, has released several books, and has a following of a quarter of a million people.

But in 2016, her life spiralled out of control.

Roxy’s husband Oliver Curtis was sentenced to a year in jail for insider trading, and whilst he was in there, the PR entrepreneur was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It’s a series of events beyond imaginable for many, but for Roxy it was her life.


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It’s unsurprising that she felt herself lose control.

“I was very resentful, ‘Life is a mess, and you gave me cancer,’ That’s what I said,” she told Sunday Night

So I told him I blamed him,” she added. 

“I was resentful that I had to be on my own. I had to work. I had to look after the children, I didn’t… I couldn’t cope.

While Roxy had a nervous breakdown, she was forced to maintain her bubbly public persona. 

I had to have this public persona that was, well, everything wasn’t fine. I mean, I went from a normal person to… [someone] who didn’t eat and went out and indulged in things I shouldn’t have indulged in. I had cancer. I weighed, like, 45 kilos. And, yeah, I said to him, ‘It’s your fault’,” she told Sunday Night

Roxy found herself in what she described as a “rogue” lifestyle of excess drinking and consumption.

When asked whether he regretted the actions that led to his conviction, Oliver appeared devastated.

Of course I regret it. You can’t not regret it. I was a kid, you know? I was a silly kid,” he said. 

After Oliver was released from prison in mid-2017, the couple patched up their relationship and if Roxy’s Instagram posts are anything to go by, they are stronger than ever.

After celebrating their six year wedding anniversary in June this year, Roxy told BW Magazine that the couple’s relationship is deeply rooted in friendship and practicality, and that affection isn’t their style.

“I have a relationship where we are like friends, and I have no problem saying that. I’m not a lovey-dovey person, I’m very transactionary,” she said.

Oliver and Roxy have two children, Hunter and Pixie.