"I blamed him for giving me cancer." Roxy Jacenko breaks down in emotional interview.

Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis will share their private struggles on this week’s episode of Sunday Night.

Jacenko shared a preview clip of the interview on her Instagram, writing that the last few weeks had been a “roller coaster”, but she was so glad to share their story.

In April last year, The Daily Mail published photos of PR maven Roxy Jacenko kissing her ex-boyfriend Nabil Gazal at a party. At the time, Jacenko’s husband, former investment banker Curtis, was in jail on charges relating to insider trading and she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

So yes, it has been a crazy time for the couple and judging by the Sunday Night preview, they’re about to discuss it all.

The teaser introduces them as “rich, glamorous, living the high life until their world crashed down around them”.

Journalist Melissa Doyle asked the couple, who both appear visibly emotional throughout the clip, if they’ve forgiven each other, to which Jacenko replied “I had to lie”.


She said, “I started living a life as soon as Oli went to jail that was fast,” and is later seen saying she “indulged in things I shouldn’t have indulged in.”

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While the preview doesn’t make clear what it is she ‘indulged’ in, perhaps this is a reference to being photographed kissing Gazel while Curtis was in jail.

In a shocking admission, the Sweaty Betty PR founder said she blamed her husband for her cancer diagnosis.

“I told him, ‘It’s your fault. You gave me cancer,'” she said in the clip.

After Curtis was released from prison in mid-2017, the couple patched up their relationship and if Jacenko’s Instagram posts are anything to go by, are stronger than ever.


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Jacenko and Curtis’ full Sunday Night interview will air Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7.