Why Roxy Jacenko's husband, Oliver Curtis, won't ever speak to his best friend again.


It’s been almost exactly one year since Oliver Curtis was released from prison after being convicted of conspiring to commit insider trading, and while he’s happy to be back with his family and friends, there’s one person he won’t be seeing anytime soon.

The 32-year-old husband of Roxy Jacenko, 38, says he has no intention of speaking to his best friend, John Hartman, ever again.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Curtis said he couldn’t forgive Hartman for testifying against him in court.

Although Hartman had been conspiring with Curtis, he ultimately became the prosecution’s star witness, agreeing to testify against his friend in return for a lesser jail sentence.

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“This was my best mate. The guy I lived with… To know that he was in with ASIC to turn around and basically throw me under the bus [was devastating],” Curtis told Daily Mail.

The pair’s friendship dated back to high school, with the two attending Sydney’s St Ignatius College together.

And while Curtis said he’d eventually talk to his two kids – daughter Pixie and son Hunter – about his stint in prison, he said the main lesson he’d impart would be one about “friendship” and “loyalty”.

“Obviously you’ve got to teach right and wrong. But I think it’s also about loyalty and it’s about friendship,” he said.

“If there’s one thing I’d like to instil in the children, it’s loyalty. And how important friendship is. You’ve got to be loyal to people.”