“Without question it’s a nightmare." The very awkward mistake in Roxy Jacenko's new book. 

What’s a bit of harmless teasing between friends?

I’m lovingly sworn at daily by my pals, and some of our terms of endearment for each other are very NSFW – it’s just the way we roll.

But I’d probably have to put my foot down if they publicised said teasing to the entire world… on the back of my book. Because, you know, professionalism and stuff.

Well, in what is being called a “proofing mishap”, Jackie O appeared to call her friend Roxy Jacenko a constant disappointment in her endorsement for her book, which is both incredibly cringe-worthy and tiny bit funny.

As clear as day on the back cover of Roxy’s Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks – a guide to PR, branding and social media, KIIS FM radio host Jackie O wrote:

Roxy never fails to disappoint and this book is an easy, interesting read that people in a lot of professions (not just PR) could learn something from.”

Roxy never fails to disappoint.


How many times did she bail from brunch, Jackie?


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Early Christmas present from @roxyjacenko and @neueblvd – obsessed with these pyjamas.

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Surely the pyjamas made up for it.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about the very unfortunate error, Roxy said six different proofreaders missed the back-handed compliment, and it was only picked up by a friend who received an early copy.

“Without question it’s a nightmare and not something anyone wants to happen,” she said. “It’s a f*ck-up, but Jackie’s a friend and it certainly should have said, ‘Roxy never fails to deliver’,” she said.

You’d hope so.

Publisher Allen & Unwin has put their hand up to take responsibility for the fumble, blaming it on a “proofing error made by our editorial department”.

Um, surely out of SIX proofreaders, ONE would have picked this up prior to printing…

A spokesperson told Daily Telegraph: “Thankfully, we identified this error when the advance copies arrived at our office – prior to the book’s release – and as such have reprinted with an updated quote from Jackie O.”