Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Roxy Jacenko has shared the one thing she absolutely can’t stand about her husband Oliver Curtis.

PR mogul Roxy Jacenko has just celebrated her six year wedding anniversary with her husband Oliver Curtis.

Speaking with BW Magazine about their marriage, the businesswoman and mum-of-two shared the one thing she can’t stand about Oliver – his driving.

“We squabble on the way to work because he drives like a grandmother, I mean seriously the guy needs to learn to drive like Lewis Hamilton, time is money!” Roxy said.

According to Roxy, the couple’s six-year marriage hasn’t always been an affectionate one.

“I have a relationship where we are like friends, and I have no problem saying that. I’m not a lovey-dovey person, I’m very transactionary,” she said.

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“We get on wonderfully, we have a great relationship, he’s a wonderful father to the kids.”

Roxy also shared the strain her husband’s jail time had on their marriage.

“We didn’t really have a marriage. [Oliver] had a trial hanging over his head which had been hanging there for some 10 years prior to me meeting him and life was very challenging,” Roxy said.

But following on from Oliver’s 12-month stint in prison for insider trading, the couple’s relationship is in a much better place now.

“Life is very different now, our realtionship is completly different. He is a person who has a smile.”

2. Dean Wells has bizarrely photoshopped ex Tracey Jewel out of a photo and some people are quite upset.

Little bit of photoshop work today ????

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Dean Wells from Married at First Sight has bizarrely photoshopped his ex-tv-wife Tracey Jewel out of an old photo of the couple and posted it to Instagram.

Photoshopping your ex-girlfriend from your photos is a trick old as time, but posting them on Instagram is… not. And his followers are upset.

“That’s not very nice,” wrote one follower.

“Oh my god, everyone on TV these days are [sic] tragic,” wrote another.

The stunt follows the launch of Tracy’s book last week, where the ex-couple were happily photographed.

3. Sonia Kruger has explained her, er, strange behaviour on The Voice.


During a recent LIVE episode of The Voice, Sonia Kruger lived out every nervy public speaker’s worst nightmare when she tripped over a speaker and fell straight into Boy George’s lap.

But that wasn’t all. She continued to mishear Joe Jonas when he gave a shoutout to his brother Nick. She thought he said “Dick” and threw her head back in laughter.

So basically, everyone thought she was drunk.


Speaking to news.com.au, Sonia Kruger has set the record straight about what happened that night.

“I think a lot of people assumed on social media that I’d been drinking [that night], but I hadn’t been, I’d like to put that on the record,” she said.

It turns out the host was just seriously exhausted.

“I might look like I rock up and do that show at 7pm but I’m there from 10 in the morning on my feet pretty much the whole time, so by the time the show goes live I’m actually quite exhausted. Sometimes I even stumble over simple words like ‘competition’ which is a word I’ll say a lot on the show. But you can slur your words a bit when you’re tired,” she told news.com.au

Considering people do things like put their keys in the fridge when they’re tired, it makes sense.

4. Kim Kardashian was asked if she wants to be President and her response has us all concerned.


Sitting down for an interview on CNN’s The Van Jones Show yesterdayKim Kardashian has shared some news that has people slightly concerned.

When asked whether the entrepreneur would ever run for office, the 37-year-old responded with “I don’t think that’s even on my mind” which was fine considering most people are not like Donald Trump and do not fantasise about presidency.

But then she kept talking.

“I guess never say never,” she continued and now we are very concerned.

And we also miss Obama.

The full moon makes people say weird things though so don’t worry Kim K, you can take it back. Pls.

5. Reese Witherspoon has shared a rare photograph of her three children.

In terms of sharing the in-depth details of her life, Reese Witherspoon remains relatively private.

But this Thursday, the actress shared a very special moment in her family’s life with her followers on Instagram – all three of her children were graduating from school at the same time.


Her 18-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe graduated high school, her 14-year-old son Deacon Phillippe graduated middle school and her youngest son, Tennesse Toth, 5, graduated preschool.

reece witherspoon children
Ava Phillippe is the spitting image of Reece Witherspoon in the movie Election. Image: reecewitherspoon Instagram.

You can read more about Reese and her children on Mamamia.