Roxy Jacenko admits the reason she keeps her kids up so late. Other mothers nod.

Founder of Sweaty Betty PR and media personality Roxy Jacenko is known for her penchant for hard work.

She famously took ‘three hours maternity leave‘ after the birth of her daughter Pixie, now six, and was back sending work emails and uploading to Instagram just one hour after giving birth to Hunter, now four.

Her work ethic and notoriously demanding job means home life for Jacenko, husband Oliver Curtis, and their two children probably looks very different to most.

In fact, Jacenko’s schedule means her kids “don’t really have a bedtime”.

Speaking to Mamamia, the 38-year-old said, “I have tried 8.30pm, but in all honesty given the hours both Oli and I work we just love to spend time with them when we get home from work.”

“So if they are not tired and happy playing and reading with us, we let them stay up.

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“Oli is much more regimented than me and attempts to insist they need to be sleep by 9.30pm, but it doesn’t happen! On average, it’s mostly more like 10.30pm that they are in bed.”

“Weekends are the same,” she added. “That said, if the kids are tired, of course they sleep earlier, but if they aren’t, I am not about to tie them to the bed and demand that they fall asleep.”

Jacenko says this has been the case in her home ever since her kids were about two, and they cope just fine.

Shooting for @duitau kids bath and body range with this little munchkin ????

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“Look, I wouldn’t say they are jumping out of their skin to get up of a morning,” she said (but um, who is?), adding that once Pixie is up “she’s in great form”.

Hunter, on the other hand, “likes to get dressed half asleep, and then get back into bed, shoes and all, for another 20 minutes”.

“Then it’s in the car with breakfast and to school they go!”

Whatever works for the Jacenko family.

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